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Tamiya 1/48 P-47D-5

November 25, 2013 · in Aviation · · 19 · 2K

The cockpit is from True Details. The seat is from Lions Roar and the seat belts are lead foil with Waldron Buckles. The instrument panel is from eduard. Cockpit color is Model Master dark greem 34092. The engine is from Quickboost with brass pushrods and copper wire harness. Externally there is a Quickboost early cowl flap set and wheels from Ultracast. The olive drab and beutral grey is Xtracrylic thinned with distilled water. Adhesion was pretty good. No paint lifting when I masked the stripes. I kept the weathering pretty light as this aircraft had just recently been issued. The figure is a total bash. The head from from my spares box. The torso is from Reheat. The legs, hands, and feet are from Verlinden. The saluting digit is brass wire.

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  1. So, I'm NOT seeing things, IS a "saluting digit". Nice job!.

  2. John,
    Very nice job on this. Overall outstanding and I really like your interior work. You did a great job capturing Johnson's pose. I like anything 56th. I knew Zempke very well.

  3. Thank you Frank. Its hard for me to build a Tbolt from anything other than the 56th. What a great unit.

  4. If its one thing I absolutely love, its the politically incorrect. Excellent job John.

  5. Thank you Seamus. That gesture of defiance has been documented since before the time of Julius Caeser..."digitus impudicus" in Latin. It was a hoot to put that together.

  6. You obviously spent way more on after-market goodies than you paid for kit...were the decals home-made or did you buy them as well? I've never seen 'em before.

  7. The code letters, yellow name tag, serial number, and the "Lucky" logo are from a very old Microscale set. i have had the set since the 1980's and was worried they would disentigrate. The Star insignias and stencilling are from Aeromaster.

    • Sounds like the only thing you used in the box was the plastic - 🙂

      • Unfortunately I have contracted acute gadgetitus so I go and procure all the bells and whistles. Seems there is no cure for me. Ebay used to be a gold mine for after market stuff from guys liquidating collections. I can't tell you the amount of resin and photo etch sets I got for a song. Now its full of guys with online stores and the bargains are way harder to find.

        • John,
          FYI, if at some point you may need an aftermarket item that you don't have, let me know and I may have it. I don't have everything but I have way too much. At my age I seldom use it.
          Goes for anyone else if I can help

          • Thank you Frank, I will certainly keep you in mind for goodies for a project. Have you any 1/48 figures?Currently I am working on a Bf 109G-2 from Jg 5 that was originally finished in a desert scheme with an arctic scheme over it. I am also building a revetment made from what appears to me to be railroad cross ties and a plank hardstand in the photo.

  8. Love it. a well executed kit with a sense of humour , sometimes things look too serious, this though looks like the photo.
    Lovely finish as you said , a fresh looking Jug.

  9. Beautiful work. That, BTW, is the airplane Bob got shot up in by Egon Mayer, who left him after running out of 7.62mm (thank goodness he'd already used up his 20mm!). The only reason Bob stayed with the airplane was he couldn't get out, due to the canopy being jammed by damage from Mayer's gunfire.

  10. Thank you Tom but I believe the aircraft Johnson was flying when Mayer shot him up was "Half Pint", a P-47C-2, 41-6235. "Lucky" was the replacement for "Half Pint".

  11. It's certainly a great looking model, John, and the figure really lifts it into the top class.

  12. Thank you George

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