Scratch built (wood) F-100 in 1/32-scale

December 22, 2013 · in Aviation · · 12 · 2K

This was built as a commission for a client in Australia. It is covered with various types of aluminum skin as per the the real aircraft. It was built well before the currently plastic offering was released. It features a full cockpit and intake trunk up to and including the J-57's compressor face. I can send photos of the construction process if anyone is interested.

Happy Holidays,
Roger M.Cortani, IDSA

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  1. Looks great Roger. What scale is it? Why not post some of the construction photos?

  2. Welcome ombord, Roger. Yes we'd love some more photos of this build please 🙂

  3. Rog,
    Welcome aboard. You have started with one of your best. Might I suggest the Strombecker FJ Fury you hollowed out. Best to you.

  4. Very nice! Reminds me of the first time John Alcorn showed up at IPMS Golden Gate in 1972, brought by George Lee. He had these two 1/32 scale Bf-109Es that blew everyone away - they were wood models and looked better than any of the plastic on the table.

  5. It looks fantastic, Roger, when I first logged in the saw the picture I though it was the real thing, Yes, please, let's see some more photographs.

  6. That looks superb Roger, so life like , you could be fooled to htinking it was the real thing.
    Welcome aboard sir.

  7. Bring on the photos, and it seems that Mr. Cronin has an inside track on your activities. Best keep an eye on you. Welcome.

  8. A man that scratch builds...very interesting. Great Sabre Jet, a classic.

  9. This is quite simply amazing craftsmanship...can't wait to see more pics and construction techniques - the epitome of what we mere "assemblers" refer to as modeling. Stunning workmanship, sir.

  10. that's phenomenal...most of us could never do that

  11. Fantastic work Roger, I would love to see construction photos.

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