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The Corsair collection(s)

I’ve done some 48th Corsairs over the months, (and still have a couple in the stash), but not a 32nd scale….and 1/72nd is out the question [for me]. And from what I’ve been hearing, my experiences may come in handy when tackling the new Tamiya kit.
These were, in my estimation, “satisfactory” results. I just hope I don’t “screw the pooch” when I start the ‘Big One’. lol
Oh yeah….and there’s one desk top example thrown in the mix there. You”ll no doubt pick it out right away – it’s the best one.

p.s. I was in error. I DID do a 32nd Corsair some years back…a Revell offering as I recall. It was terrible (or I was – or both) It can be seen in the lower left of the last photo.

12 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses to The Corsair collection(s)

  1. Nice collection of Corsairs Craig, makes me want to build one!

  2. Craig, you got quite the Corsair Collection. Which kits did you use? I think I saw an Otaki, HobbyCraft, Tamiya and maybe Monogram/Revell. You ought to be in great “shape” to tackle the Tamiya 1/32 kit after that work out!

  3. If I remember right you paint with rattle can only. I’ve got to say you have them mastered if so. Camo demarcation is very well done.
    Is that a Tamiya Flak 88 I see peeking out of one of your images?
    Nice collection.

    • The 88 is actually a cheap little (1/72nd) Zvezda kit. The demarcation lines are done easily with rattle cans. Here’s how: Take an old cloth/rag/t-shirt…whatever, and position it along the fuselage length-wise (doesn’t matter which color ya do first). When you hit it with the spray can, ya get a nice “feathered” edge.

  4. Interesting ‘group’ build of a brute of a plane – always a favourite of mine.

  5. Nice array of “the whistling death”. One question, how do you keep the dust off of the top surfaces of your ‘hanging’ aircraft?

  6. Wow- what a collection! I like Number 14 best.

  7. amazing…your a machine…i agree with black 14 as a favorite

  8. Stunning!!! That NMF birdcage one and the “black 14” plane are my favourites!

  9. Some very nice looking Corsairs sitting there Craig.
    Impressive display.
    Well done Craig.

  10. Excellent, Craig, like Gregor said, it makes me want to build one!

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