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D-Day build – 1/48th Tamiya Sherman

Finally got some bench time and finished the M4A1 Sherman tank (which, by the way, barely fit in the landing craft – even though they’re the same scale).
I chose not to weather heavily, as this example was meant to depict a Sherman just arriving for the assault on Normandy.
When I first discovered that many of the tracks were to be assembled as separate pieces, I was a bit apprehensive as to how they’d fit. But Tamiya being Tamiya, they went on flawlessly (even though there was some “operator error” involved which, hopefully, is hidden from view).
A light coat of flat was applied to take off the shine.

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17 responses to D-Day build – 1/48th Tamiya Sherman

  1. Nice Craig! Yay, ground vehicles! Was the landing craft a happy coincidence or did you build them together? Too bad that 1/48 didn’t mean the same thing between two companies. It may be the photo, but it seems like the track has jumped from the sprockets on the left sprocket wheel. Looks good and ready for action.

    • I didn’t build them together, but it wasn’t actually a ‘coincidence”, either. I had built the landing craft as a unique addition to my small ‘navy’ (I’m not really a “ship guy”, but I have a few examples that caught my eye).
      I had a chance to pick up the tank pretty cheaply, so I figured I’d put it in the landing craft at a later date. When I do any armor at all, it’s usually 1/35th scale, not 48th, hence the ‘coincidence’ evolved.
      And yes, Mr. Eagle Eye – (lol)…there were, as I said, ‘operator errors’ involved with the track assembly. And since I’d used super glue in that aspect of the assembly, the mistake stayed a mistake. Oh well….at least I don’t enter shows (good thing, huh?)

  2. Nice and clean Craig. but for how long?
    Nice job there Craig.

  3. Nice looking Sherman Craig, as well as the landing craft. I think the fit issue between the two can be traced to the thickness of the landing craft’s sides, if they were to scale they’d probably be paper thin. Anyway enough with my know-it-all bit. Good work guy keep it up.

  4. That definitely fits the bill for D-Day. Nice work Craig.

  5. Came out really well Craig 😉

  6. very impressive craig…i won an old 1/35 at a raffle…dying to dive in

  7. Nice clean build, the decals look good, no apparent silvering. Are you going to “weather” the tank?

  8. Nice work Craig ,very well done,only one thing though I was hoping we could all show our finished group build projects on or after the closing date of June 6, my apologies for not being clearer that was my fault entirely,I will try to get this finalised with Martin .
    Cheers N.

    • Not to worry, Neil….I don’t think I have another “D-Day” example left anyhow. What with all the theme builds being posted of late, I guess maybe other folks were unclear as to the intent as well. Maybe this explanation will gimme time to come up with something else.

  9. Craig,
    Very, very nicely done. I have always liked the “ronson”. Yo did a great job on this. This is a good scale to go with aircraft. I may have to give one of them a whirl.

  10. Nice looking tank, Craig, it’s good to see one that isn’t ‘over weathered’.

  11. Great Sherman! I’m still debating whether or not to attempt a tank… How are they to build compared to an aircraft?

    • Well….that depends on which aircraft (and which scale) you’d wish to compare. There really isn’t a short answer. But generally speaking, most armor has a lot more “fiddly bits” with which to contend. On the plus side, painting is usually easier and weathering probably can’t be ‘overdone’. Should you choose to try your hand at some armor, I would suggest you look at what Tamiya has to offer in 1/35th scale. The choices are seemingly endless. You really should build at least ONE, though.

  12. Yeah I suppose you don’t know till you have tried it! My missus wants me to build a T-90. She likes them for some reason?? They may not be too pleasant a sight though if things develop any further with Mr Putin!

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