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Crash Site Archive

Here's a link to a crash site archive that's on Facebook. You may be familiar with the site, or the various photos, but there are useful ideas for aircraft dioramas.

I attach a few sample images.

2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Some interesting pictures Rob, the first one especially,check "Danger - low flying aircraft " on Youtube very funny and remarkably similar to this shot,thanks for posting these.

  2. Two things, isn't the first photo from "The Longest Day"? (or was it "A Bridge Too Far") The second comment is that Steve Hustad did model the Ju88 crash, last year, in 1/72.

    • No idea re sources of images, only they are varied and numerous. I would have thought if it was from a film there would be a copyright restriction posted across the image itself - perhaps photo came first and film makers copied scene into their film (after all, twenty years between the two)?

      The Spitfire image prompted someone to comment on Facebook that their father had done something similar in India in a Typhoon, to a guy on an old cart, but buzzed too low and decapitated him. He said his father was haunted by the incident the rest of his life.

    • The head image is the famous Spitfire scene from "A Bridge Too Far". Luckily no crash involved there... But what a photo.

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