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Fujimi’s venerable 190D

Joe Caputo’s Fujimi Dora inspired me to dig out a couple of old pics (please excuse the quality) of my Fujimi Dora built more than thirty years ago! that’s when it was the only dora in that scale. the box art was striking and the kit looked like a dora. I stuck a pilot in it and put it on a display stand with an acetate circle to simulate a spinning prop.

2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses to Fujimi’s venerable 190D

  1. That is great box art & the model is pretty good too.
    Seems like quite of few of the iModeler members prefer to build kits from the simpler days when there was no such thing as an unbuildable kit & having a kit of the subject available over accuracy was the main concern.
    Possibly growing up with these kits have taught builders the skills to make better models today.

  2. 30 years old and still better than most of my builds

  3. Very nice, Paul. From the “good ol’ days”, when “fun” came first and accuracy was what it was. What comes around, goes around, and I’m back to building the old kits, for fun. It seems a 1,000 part kit, for $300 is of little interest to me. To each his own. I’d be happy with another Fujimi D-9. Thanks for posting.

  4. Maybe it is just me, but I feel that the box art on kits from “back in the day” was a hell of a lot better than the box art one sees on kits nowadays. The old box art really made me excited about buying a kit. Just looking at the box art pictured above gives me the urge to go to e-bay and find this kit.

  5. man i remember that…had one in 88

  6. These kits also had great and carried decal sheets.

  7. Man oh man itching to build my airfix dora now was in a hurry to get back to work and forgot it at home.
    Your dora is sweet i build to build and this dora of yours i’s great love the paint pattern

  8. That was the first 190 I ever built, I think it was while I was still in high school, so pre 1975. I think I used a sponge or a Q-tip cotton bud to do the mottling.
    Anyway Paul very nice job on what we are now told is a “stinker” of a kit. Looks like a D-9 to me, and as many have said the box art “rocks”.

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