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Promodeller 1/48 SB2C Helldiver w/Wolfpack wingfold

promodeller 1997 vintage…the decals exploded upon impact with the water so i cobbled them from the the stash…didn’t have too many white codes so i stole them from a Korean war corsair…the wing fold went very smooth…had it done in an hour or two…reinforced the hinges with fine wire from bread twist ties…the hydraulic plumbing is micro solder from radio shack…the life raft is a piece of yellow balloon…wired the engine for all the good it did…used an eduard color zoom cockpit enhancement…i probably have 60 hours in it over a two week period…it was a lot of fun…i think i’ll build all the navy planes from WW11 with folded wings but i don’t think any plane looks better with a folded wing than the Helldiver…it just makes the ungainly “Beast” look like a bat out of hell…my sister gave me the monogram kit for Christmas about 50 years ago and since then it’s all ways held a special place in my heart…not to mention the marvelous box art…Paul Newman…Richard Boone and Brian Keith were gunners in torpedo and dive bombers

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20 responses to Promodeller 1/48 SB2C Helldiver w/Wolfpack wingfold

  1. Great build, Bob.
    I happen to have the 1967 Monogram issue in my stash, but after looking it over decided that’s where it would stay!

  2. Hi Bob. That looks great. I am just finishing the 1/72 Academy kit and it is nice to see your photos. I see that I need to make some adjustments to the covers attached to the landing gear to get the proper fit. Two smal quetions: What did you use for antenna wire and how did you do the panel lines on the dark blue on the topside of the plane? is it black all around? I am just putting primer on now and it is great to see your well-finished model.

  3. I am planning to finish mine in all-over dark sea blue and have wondered whether to do panel lines in a dark grey rather than black, that is why I was asking.

  4. Bob, you have done a wonderful job there mate.
    A very well done sir.

  5. That’s really nice!

  6. Nice job on that, Bob….very nice indeed.

  7. This is what frustrates and inspires me about this hobby, I wish my stuff was half as good as this – Well done .

  8. Very nice work on this Helldiver Bob, congratulations


  9. Great Helldiver Bob. I really like the finish.

  10. Very, very well done. Looks rather like a 1/32.
    Acrylics or enamels on the body shell?

  11. The Helldiver is a beast of a plane and you did an awesome job bringing it to life. The wing folds look great and I really like the formation lights! What did you use for them? I also like the tri-color scheme over the glossy sea blue. Glad you picked it!
    I’ve had the interior of mine in zinc chromate for a while now, I may have to get it back out! (After my D-Day build!)

  12. Really nice……I’m digging mine out of the stash ASAP.

  13. really nice Helldiver Bob, i like it!!!

  14. Nice clean build.

  15. Awesome job you’ve done!!! Very nice……

  16. I really the look you’ve achieved with this, Bob, like you say, it does look like a bat out of hell.

  17. I admire your nice and clean build! Superb paintwork. Like as you, I am also looking forward to have one some day…

  18. Bob,
    Absolutely gorgeous. You did a magnificent job with this kit. You make it sound like an easy kit to build but looking at it in the box and talking to some of my friends that have built it I think it is not that easy. You, however mastered it and came up with a beauty.

  19. That’s an excellent job Bob! I love that kit and you rarely see them built. You went the ectra mile and added the wingfold, nice. Like you, I cobbled together decals for my glossy sea blue version because the kit’s came pre-yellowed. Nice work.

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