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Revell 1/48th UH-34D Helicopter

This [old] Revell kit didn’t have “real” fit issues, but it’s certainly not up to what you’d call ‘today’s standards’. There were several areas that tried my patience when attempting to make everything fit. But it wasn’t all that terrible, so I pressed on. I opted to omit the undercarriage sling, as well as the starboard side hoist assembly (I didn’t wanna press my luck). The cockpit was rather stark, so I compensated by adding crewmen. Helicopters can be a real pain in the burro. I’m thinkin’ I’ll do my only other one in the stash (a Bell “Huey”) right now and be done with ’em.

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24 responses to Revell 1/48th UH-34D Helicopter

  1. gorgeous…wonderful job craig…I had the orange artic one in the early 60’s

  2. Nice one Craig, we use to see a lot of those over here.

  3. Ah, quit yer bitchin’ Craig…;-). Looks great to me. If your image processor has a “fill light” option, increasing that can really help you pictures. I use it to “brighten” up my pic’s all the time.

  4. Great job on this Craig, no not as good a kit as the Italeri or the Gallery Models kit, but for around twenty bucks still a good looker and great value !!!!
    There seemed to be a big rush on this helicopter as all of a sudden there where three kits in 1/48th scale where before there was no new kits at all !!!

  5. Very nice Craig. If you build that other one then you will have to follow the modeler’s creed & buy at least three more just in case.

  6. Very Nice Job Craig Well Done.
    Try upping your ISO on your camera that will help make it look brighter.
    Nice Model Craig

  7. Nice clean build, Craig.

  8. Nice work, Craig. It looks the part.

  9. Looks great Craig I love doing Helos, but they do have their own challenges don’t they You have done this one justice nice job

  10. Craig,
    Don’t take a back seat to this. It looks great.

  11. Great work, Craig! I have one of these in the stash.

  12. I haven’t tried one of these since I was a kid. Learned my lesson the hard way. (adding more glue is NOT a fix) You get a big “ATTA BOY” on this one Craig.

    • Thanks, Joe….I’m presently working on Revell’s “Huey” (yes – a glutton for punishment). I’ve found that this particular helicopter kit was/is even worse than the one I just posted in regard to flash/fit. But we’ll make it work. Remember, it’s “good from far but far from good”. No more choppers, though.

  13. Come on, Craig, you’ve done a good job on this one, and I’m sure the Huey will be even better!

  14. Man, you did a nice job. Pat yourself on the back and pour two fingers…

  15. Craig, don’t give up on helicopters! You have shown here you have the talent to do it, so make a promise to do a whirly bird every once in a while, for a change of pace and subject. They are not my favorites either, but doing the Monogram Hind was sure an experience, and I think they have a way of making your mind work a little different, compared to fixed wing a/c (I’ve heard that flying them is that way), maybe a good “brain exercise”! Very well done, it’s nice to see that some folks still like the old Revell/Monogram kits. I sure do! Thank you!

    • I appreciate your words of encouragement, but I was about 75% finished with my 48th Revell/Monogram Huey Hog and things weren’t going well at all. I dunno if the parts were warped or it was just mind that was warped, but I had to put the thing away (another kit relegated to the “shelf of doom”, along with that POS KittyHawk F-35 and a Revell-o-Gram Avenger) while it was still in one piece and [maybe] repairable ..some day. I think maybe I’ll start the Tamia 32nd Corsair and get back into my ‘comfort zone’. At least I know everything will fit like it’s supposed to!

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