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1/48 Focke Wulf FW190

You guys were having so much fun kicking the “109” around, that I thought I’d post a “190” for you to play with. Instead of comparing brand names, I mean to let you guess the manufacturer according to the usual methods you use to judge such things. How accurate or inaccurate, is in the eye of the beholder, when you can’t get a ruler on it. Seamus, this one’s for you !

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27 responses to 1/48 Focke Wulf FW190

  1. I know that ‘ol girl like the back of my hand as it is one of my favorites. The Monogram 1/48 FW-190. As far as accuracy is concerned, I remember reading an article in the now defunct “Quarter Scale Modeler” that compared all the 1/48 Focke-Wulf kits available at that time (late 90’s). The article stated that the Monogram kit was the most accurate in size and outline, with the Arii/Otaki kit a close second. Still have two of these in my stash and I absolutely love them.

  2. LOL ! There’s no fooling you, Seamus ! Surprising how much fun you could have for $1.50, back then. I was going to go into a half page on what was done to it, but decided to have some fun instead. Hope you enjoyed it.

  3. Hi Joe. Now that the cat is out of the bag, what did add to the kit?

    • From what I can see, the vents behind the exhaust were opened up, all the exhaust stubs/pipes were added, there is some additional detail added in the wheel bay, the elevators & rudder were re-positioned, and you choose the dropped flaps option. If you have the Tamiya 1/48 FW-190D kit, there is an extra “A” propeller and cooling fan which is an almost drop in fit for the Monogram kit. This was one of those Monogram kits that provided a lot of stuff for the spares box depending on what version of the FW-190 the modeler choose to build. It came with a lot of different under wing stores (bombs and cannon gondolas) as well as a very extensive decal sheet. Monogram really gave the modeler a lot of bang for the buck in those days.

  4. “Back in the Day” when there was a Monogram logo on the kit box, you could pretty well rest assured that the plastic inside was gonna fit good, was gonna look good and was gonna be the best example to be had out there. This was, of course, before the ‘Asian Invasion’. But it’s not surprising – when ya think about it -…look where all the really well built cars come from (sorry, Europe), and electronics, and watches…the list goes on. And I don’t know what Revell did with the Monogram molds they acquired, because the stuff they put out now can’t hold a candle to the ‘old’ Monogram kits. My .02

  5. After listening to you all I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t build anything but old Monogram 1/48th scale kits.
    Actually I have some unbuilt Monogram car kits from the 60’s that I keep just to look at the pure plastic in them.
    Didn’t mean to ignore you Joe. Looks like you put a lot of effort into this kit.
    Came out reallybsharp.

  6. Al, there’s something to be said for “returning to basics”, the fun of what got us interested in the first place. It doesn’t have to have 800 super detailed pieces for us to enjoy the creativity, and pleasure of constructing something, and having it turn out well.

  7. Joe,
    I could not agree with you and Seamus more. I got back into modeling seriously in the 60’s and the Monogram Hurricane was my first effort. Next was a 109 and a 190 also by Monogram. I still have all of these three models. I hand painted each with gloss enamel. I soon got an airbrush and he 190 was my first airbrush effort. I took the gloss paint off and did my first spray job. I have a number of old Monogram kits and I keep them around for nostalgia sake. I love your 190, brings back good memories.
    Oh, by the way before I forget………. I think the gear down indicators are too long and are not the right color of red……..

  8. At the risk of sounding like the guy that says “yeah, that’s what I was going to say too”, the Monogram 190 was my first guess. It’s one of the few pre-1972 Monogram 1/48th scale aircraft kits I never built, the other’s being the Hurricane, & the Spitfire. My turn away from toys that could be built to serious modeling came with a full blown case of AMS, cars and girls. Getting willing girls into cars revealed a whole new world of “toys” as it were, Was I ever that young

  9. I was going to say Lego but obviously the older style.
    Good build there Joe.

  10. Joe, nice to see a posting from a ‘serious’ modeller, and what a great model!

  11. Nice clean build.

  12. Is that the same bird that Revell sells as a pre-painted kit now? At any rate, it looks great!

  13. I have no idea, Gary. Perhaps one of the other guys could tell you…

  14. Well Joe I am probably younger then most of your kits and can’t spot an old Monogram kit from an old Revelle kit. I just build, I never gave much though to the inaccuracies of kits. I find it maddening how some people on here seem to be chasing their tail looking for accuracy. I have talked to fellow modelers that have built models for people who actually flew the aircraft or drove the tank and those guys don’t even know their machines as well as some of the people on here. With that said your model looks like it could take flight at any moment.

    Great job Joe!!

    • Thanks Jacob, it sounds like you have the right idea. Build what pleases you, the way that pleases you. Ultimately, you are the only one you’ll ever have to please. It’s only a hobby, and being a hobby, it should be something you enjoy. Some get their pleasure out of accuracy, etc., others out of just constructng, or creating something. Only you can decide where your interests lay.
      As I get older, I find my interests have changed. I get more enjoyment out of the friends I’ve made, through the hobby, than the building itself. Imodeler has proven the source of even more of these “modeling” friends, as well as a source of information, and a place where I can view some inspiring builds. My interest stays focused, and I’m still enjoying it all.

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