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1/48th AD-5 Skyraider

Hello Folks, here’s my latest just off the building table. It’s an AD-5 Skyraider built from the 1/48th Revell kit. As many of you know, that kit is a re-release of the old Matchbox kit from back in the 70’s. The advantages of working with the Revell kit was a better grade of plastic and a very nice new decal sheet…which of course I didn’t use. The kit is basic and primitive by today’s standards and needed quite a bit of work to reach toward my goal of making a respectable AD-5/A-1E model. I used the Cobra resin cockpit set and True Details wheels (with some of the bulge taken out). The prop came from the Monogram Skyraider kit. I replaced the thick kit canopy with a Squadron vacuform one. The decals used came from a fine sheet recently released by Caracal (CD48050) which included markings for about eight or so different AD-5/A-1E’s. This model is in the markings of USMC AES-12 (Aircraft Engineering Squadron-12) and based at MCAS Quantico, VA in the late 50’s. The paint was airbrushed using Model Master enamels. It is my hope that some day, one of model companies will release a ‘modern’ AD-5/A-1E kit as that plane had quite a bit of history in the service of the USN, USMC and USAF. Any comments or observations are most welcome. Next up on my building list will be a 1/48th Hasegawa F4U-5 in the markings of VF-44.

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26 responses to 1/48th AD-5 Skyraider

  1. fine job there Jim…you really did that old matchbox justice

  2. I did not even know that A1E kit was ever released in 1:48. Well done from such old kit. Engine looks to small for A1, probably because of a huge cockpit this version. I wish I had A1E in 1:72.

  3. Hello Wojtek…Years ago, Monogram did release a fine 1/72 A-1E kit. Likely you can still find one on ebay.

  4. Nice work, Jim. Good, clean build of an ancient model that is still “the only game in town”.

  5. Jim, what a little beauty. nice one.
    Actually the Revell boxing of the A-1E is pretty poor.
    The store rails in place but nothing to put on them.

  6. Looks like a case of ” turning a pigs ear into a silk purse” . A respectable build too. Of course this is what modeling is/was all about, the old school of doing the hobby… improving upon the given plastic with some modeling skill, elbow grease and creativity. The folks at Disney call it “Imagineering.”

    Two thumbs up.

  7. Sharp build Jim. You managed a nice, clean seam on that big canopy.

  8. Pristine build, Mr. Sullivan….very nice work – as usual. Like yourself, I’d like to see a “new” one of these as well.

  9. What did you do!? “They” say that kit is unbuildable.

    Great work Jim, outstanding build and finish. You’ll have people thinking Tamiya finally released released an A-1E

  10. Nicely done Jim and an excellent example of what can be done with an older kit. Beautiful paint and markings. Clark

  11. Nice super clean build.

  12. Really neat job, Jim, that colour scheme really suits this plane.

  13. Real Nice Jim, looks like you pulled it off you made the old Matchbox kit and turned it into a little masterpiece, hats off mate!!
    Great Job

  14. Jim,
    What an outstanding job you did on this. I hand it to you for the work you did to bring this old kit up to todays standards. I was so excited when I first saw this Revell box. When I saw the inside I was greatly disappointed. I felt the same excitement when I saw the Stearman and with that I like everyone else was very happy. Great Jpob.

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