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1/48th F-4 Phantom

So I’m idling away the time with a Monogram (Revell) F-4 Phantom, (copyright 2010)…and I have another F-4 Phantom (from Revell, so the box says, copyright 1987) so I figure I have mix n’ match “extra” parts. Wrong. These two kits – supposedly from the same manufacturer – can’t be any different if they tried. They are no where NEAR alike. Nothing is ‘interchangeable’…not one thing.
The “newer” one is the kit with the red/white fuselage stripes and black/white “invasion” stripes and the really old one is the “Chuck Yeager” edition. There’s no way these two kits came from the same molds.
The one depicted is from the ‘newest’ Revell-O-Gram mold (the one with the stripes). As is the case with most of my stuff, this represents no particular aircraft, simply what I thought “looked the part”. I’m thinkin’ I’ll utilize those stripes I mentioned earlier for the other Phantom. As an aside, Phantoms, regardless of scale, don’t need nose weight.
Not surprisingly, it isn’t up to par with Tami-Gawa’s stuff, but it killed some time. The cockpit is relatively sparse and therefore closed up – and those canopy pieces didn’t fit real well, either. I used the old “tried-and-true” method of camouflage by simply draping an old rag over an already painted airframe and a hand-held “mask” for smaller areas. Works for me.
Another one of those “…good from far, but far from good..” builds. I’m trying to get back into “the zone” before I start on my Tamiya 32nd Birdcage Corsair. I’d like as few mistakes as possible in that build. Well….few-ER mistakes. Sigh.

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13 responses to 1/48th F-4 Phantom

  1. Always entertaining to read one of your posts.
    You don’t give yourself enough credit. You seem to be able to take any kit & make it a more than presentable build.
    Well done Craig.

  2. Well Craig it sure looks like a Phantom to me. I must say I haven’t heard about the rag trick before….interesting idea.

    • Thanks, Jack…the “rag trick” is the lazy way out. Can’t remember the last time I used the airbrush (all that changing colors, cleaning, etc., etc.). I just paint the lightest color overall and the dark(er) ones after. I simply take an old T-Shirt or something similar and place it strategically over those areas I wish left light and break out the rattle cans. The material is heavy enough that it doesn’t move when ya spray and gives ya that “feathered” look with a little practice. And if you wish a slightly more “intricate” pattern – again, taking the easy way out – take an old greeting card (heavier stock than ‘regular’ paper) and tear/rip – NOT cut – out an irregular shape outta the middle of it and carefully spray through the opening. Turn it over and ya got another shape. By using just a corner of it, you can get at those smaller areas. Simple. And a lot quicker than than the airbrush regimen.

  3. Craig, at the end of the day, if you are happy with it that is what matters.
    As Jack (Mugan) said it looks like a Phantom.
    Nice one Craig.

  4. Looks good, Craig, like Al says, you don’t give yourself enough credit, your models always look pretty good to me.

  5. Im with AL on this one Craig looks mighty fine to me!!

  6. man i love your rag trick…i wonder if one could be the fugimi kit in the wrong box…love your attitude towards modelling so opposite the puffed up expertin

    • I just have fun, Bob….keeps me “off the streets”, ya know? Always been around aviation (dad was an instructor in WWII and corporate pilot subsequently), but by no means do I consider myself an ‘expert’ in practically nuthin’. LOL – thanks for the reply.

  7. Looking forward to your 32 Birdcage, Craig.

  8. I’m with you Craig. It looks like a Phantom, and a good example of not having to spend a small fortune to have a decent looking build. Throw in the pleasure the build gave you, and you have a winner!.

  9. Nice clean build.

  10. Craig,
    Accept it. It looks great and you did a great job on it. Buck up, no more pouting. I look forward to seeing that 1/32 Corsair. It will look good next to all of your other Corsairs.

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