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Northrop F-5A FREEDOM FIGHTER – Philippine Air Force

The second of two model build projects I did after coming back to modeling from decades of absence, two first one allowed by retirement from work…The exercise is to simulate/replicate the personal aircraft of erstwhile Philippine Air Force Commanding General , Jose E Rancudo, when, earlier, in command of the 5th Fighter Wing. The marking “Lightning” was made possible by locally made HARIBON Decals .

The kit (Italeri 72nd) received some detailing like opened starboard gun bay; scratch built Pontiac M-39 20-mm cannon; and, canopy actuating mechanism at the canopy rear; small lengths stretched sprue to simulate the many thin linkages in the landing gear struts, landing gear door. It also received scratch-built simulation of the gun-sight from a bent No. 10 Staple Wire and from thin plastic rod the Auxiliary Compass by the windshield inner frame … Bosny (Krylon) Automotive Chrome Enamel (decanted from rattle can) simulated the prototype’s Silver Lacquer Painted Finish . The chrome was laced with some white enamel to reduce the “chrome-y” effect.

Shown second to the last image is a shot of the subject next to the HARIBON Decal cover sheet.(an erstwhile dry printed homemade decal sheet turned commercial) . . . the final image is the inspiration:

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

16 responses to Northrop F-5A FREEDOM FIGHTER – Philippine Air Force

  1. That came out really nice. I really like the details and the overall slightly weathered look. Great job!

  2. Looking great with this NMF finish and open nose panels. Welcome onboard iModeler 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful build, sir… it.

  4. Welcome to iModeler. Good job on this one. Looking forward to more.

  5. Nicely done! That kit was originally produced by Esci and is a little jewel. Nice seeing it built in an unusual scheme.

  6. WAOUH ! nice job…excellent paint for this pretty fighters…

  7. Lovely little job there sir.
    Welcome aboard.

  8. Very smart build!

  9. Outstanding build, love the subject. Welcome to iModeler

  10. Great build, detailing and finish, congratulations on a fine model.

  11. Thank you, Gentlemen, for the kind words, compliment and welcome. . .

    Best regards . .

  12. The scratchbuilt detail is superb. Modeling really is like riding a bike.

  13. Stunning build Farouk, looks like you haven’t lost the touch
    Welcome to imodeler, i look forward to seeing more of your fantastic builds

  14. Great looking bird! Now that you are retired, hope to see more models from you!

  15. Farouk,
    I will only add my agreement to what has already been said. My compliments. Great jpb.

  16. Tom, Mark, Luis and Frank, many thanks for your kind words and compliment . .Best regards… Farouk

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