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Tamiya 48th scale P51D with Part detail set.

Built from the “Aces of the 8th” and finished with Alclad. I spent a lot of time blending the windshield and canopy and making barrels and blast tubes. I also dropped the elevators and added some extra detail to the pilot.

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19 responses to Tamiya 48th scale P51D with Part detail set.

  1. Amazing – Love the base and the figures. Really nice work there Robert.

  2. Very nice, love the base too.

  3. Thanks very much guys. The base was created in Word and printed on photo quality paper.

  4. Fantastic, Robert. Great base and pics.
    What scale is the P 51 ?

  5. Doh! Sorry Simon I forgot to mention the scale, it’s 48th.
    I have amended the title to include the scale, thanks for the spot.

  6. Love it. What did you use for the Alclad base coat?
    The base & figures accent the model without over powering it.

  7. One of my favorite kits AND aircraft. Outstanding job, Robert.

  8. Thanks for the comments. I have added some WIP pictures showing the base coat Al. I used Tamiya gloss black but it wasn’t smooth enough. I couldn’t get enough paint on with an airbrush to avoid the orange peel effect so I tried an automotive acrylic lacquer applied with a small panel gun on one wing which didn’t go well, reaction time. some careful wet and drying later I sealed it with Johnsons Klear which gave me the finish I was after. I used Alclad Chrome and polished alloy post shaded with heavily thinned Tamiya greys using Postit notes as masks.

  9. Nice clean build, great Alclad application, beautiful.

  10. Great build with lots of interesting details, fantastic job!

  11. Beautiful Mustang!

  12. Robert,
    Fantastic job you did on this. The little added touches really pay off. I enjoy looking at your work.

  13. Clean crisp finish with a touch of weather Robert. Also great images too, the detail is fantastic, one of the reasons I do not put pilots in my planes is I have not mastered the fine details of facial features. Uniforms no problem, but they would look like clowns when i try to do the faces. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Thanks everyone for your comments they are really appreciated. This build suffered from more than its fair share of bloopers. It’s good to know that the effort was worth it.

  15. really a grand build, Robert. Nice detail and the alclad is flawless.

  16. great presentation

  17. Really good build and display.

  18. That particular “Aces of the Eighth” limited release is a great one to get for the decal sheet. Really good choices, and that superior pilot figure. I popped him into mine, too.

    Great result here.

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