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1/48 Monogram B-17G “Nine-O-Nine”

Finally got this finished. I don’t usually attempt to replicate an actual aircraft, but this one I did – sorta. I’m quite sure there are a few nuances that are ‘different’ than the Collings Foundation bird, but I tried. At least I’m happy with it (and that’s all that counts, right?).
It’s now hanging – like there’s any place ELSE to put it – in my computer room. Maybe in here it’ll stay a little less dustier not being out there in the work room with the rest of ’em that get a layer of kitty litter dust all over the tops of ’em.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

18 responses to 1/48 Monogram B-17G “Nine-O-Nine”

  1. Nice Craig as ever, Nice pics to.
    Well done Craig.

  2. Good on you, Craig, good on you indeed! In the Spring of 1998 I purchased the “Pro-Modeler” release of this kit figuring it would make a nice Summer project. Three days later, I ran into a woman named Laurie Dunn who was the near spitting image of Bette Page. Needless to say, Laurie became my Summer project that year. Every Spring since 1998, I have vowed that I would start that B-17, yet it never happens. Of course, I never stop buying after market goodies for the kit. Truth be told, I have every piece of aftermarket ever produced for the Monogram B-17, yet the kit remains unassembled in my stash. You are a better man than me, mate! Your B-17 definitely looks the part. Well Done!.

  3. Looks great Craig. Nice outdoor photos as well. Just waiting in line for takeoff!

  4. You did a great job on that one, Craig!

    I remember buying that kit brand new for about 8 bucks when it first came out. Wish I knew where it went….

  5. Real Nice Job Craig!! if i had the space to show it id build it even though im a brit and of coarse my favourite bomber should be the Lancaster my number 1 Fav is the good old B17 Nice build mate well done

  6. Another well done offering. You mentioned in the new group build that don’t do in progress photos. I’m thinking you build so fast that you can’t.
    Well done.

  7. Hi Craig, ready to start ? It looks very nice, a very clean build. Those
    Monogram kits didn t fall together.

  8. She’s a beautiful beast. Good work.

  9. Very impressive, Craig.

  10. Very nicely done, Craig.

  11. Thank you one and all for the kind (if not misplaced) words of encouragement. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

  12. Still one of my all time favorite kits and you did a beautiful job. Now that I am done roaming and in my “forever” home I plan on building one and the B-29. Again you did a great job on this classic!

  13. Top notch Craig – I love the B-17, and you did it proud.

  14. Nice clean build, super paint job, very differrent color scheme.

  15. super job on this beast

  16. Craig,
    This is a very well done B-17 by Monogram. It is a fine kit and of course the only game in town (aside from the old Revell B-17F). Oh how I wish some company would do an updated one in 1/48th.

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