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1/48th Monogram P-80

Had this old Monogram “Shooting Star” in the pile and hadn’t done anything NMF lately, so I figured I’d kill a weekend and throw one together real quick. The Monogram engineering shone through as usual and the gear doors fit like a glove, so I opted for a ‘wheels-up’ configuration. Ok…so I forgot to add any nose weight before I put it together. There.

The kit decals were trash…I told ya it was old – they came apart after immersion in warm water (I shoulda known). So I scrounged around in the spares box for some appropriate markings. I’ve got a Wildcat, Avenger (both done in the Atlantic scheme) and a Thunderbolt recently built, but waiting for the mailman to show up with the “Future”. Oh…and I just finished up Monograms B-17G as “Nine-O-Nine”, but [without the Future], no decals yet…on ANY of ’em.

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19 responses to 1/48th Monogram P-80

  1. i like it a lot…nice stand too

  2. Very clean build Craig. Did you use MM spray?

  3. Nice Clean Build Craig, where is the stand from did you make it yourself??

  4. great job craig! you just can’t beat those old monogram kits.

  5. I really like the shooting star ,nice job Craig.

  6. A nice salvage job there Craig. What did you use for the NMF?

  7. Never mind. If I read thoroughly I will find out for my self. duh.

  8. Nice build Craig, master of the rattle can….
    Well done mate.

  9. Beautiful! I have one on the stash I sanded and re-scribed, now your gonna make me want to build it!

  10. Looks very cool, Craig, I think jets from this era look great, and you’ve done your usual very good job on this one. A weekend well spent.

  11. Nice build Craig – don’t see that kit done very often. Those old Monogram kits can sure stand with the ‘modern’ ones – at least if there is a good build like yours. Looking forward to seeing your Nine-O-Nine – I build Monogram’s kit in those markings many, many moons ago.
    Looks like you had a busy building weekend :0

  12. Nice work Craig! A great kit that brings back a lot of childhood memories. You did a great job on the finish!

  13. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement, gentlemen….they’re appreciated.

  14. Nice clean build and finish.

  15. You just made me go out and get one! Looks typical 70’s Monogram, should be fun!

  16. Craig,
    Great P-80 and a compliment to the old but very nice Monogram kit. Your build is excellent. I have a number of these P-80’s and I say hooray for Monogram. Great job.

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