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Curtiss P-40E Warhawk Hasegawa 1/48

Like a certain red triplane, a shark nosed P-40 is a must have in my collection. It is one of my favorite fighter planes and it was my choice for my very first published kit in the www ! The chosen place was Aeroscale, but uploading pictures was very complicated for me and at some point i deleted lots of the pictures on my photo buckett, by accident. So here it is again, with a lot of new pictures in company with my P-40 N build a few years back, i hope you like it.

The Hasegawa P-40 don t fall together, if you follow the instructions you run into very serious fit problems at the rear fuselage and aft of the canopy.Create completed fuselage halfs and close after this the fuselage, the gaps on the spine are better and easier to fill. There are also fit problems with the wing guns. After this it is a trouble free build and the completed kits looks razor sharp like the real thing.

For the markings i choose the plane from Robert L. Scott, commander of the 23rd FG in China. I found some interersting pictures on the net and the plane looks relative well maintained, for a combat aircraft.
My preshading works only on the underside and i made a black wash only on the access panels. If you look at an aircraft in a “1/48 distance” you won t see much of the panel lines, so i left them untouched.
The gun sight came from a PE sheet from Extra – Tech ( german gunsights ! )
The antennas are stretched sprues
The decals came from a Sky Models sheet, printed by Cartograph. They worked very well
and it is not my last Warhawk !

Best Regards

32 additional images. Click to enlarge.

42 responses to Curtiss P-40E Warhawk Hasegawa 1/48

  1. Cool looking Hawk there Bernd.
    Well done mate.

  2. I like ’em….nice presentation.

  3. Thank you very much, glad you like it. Touching plastic was not a good idea, today, so i use this rainy day for uploading articles !


  4. Very well done model of the coolest, best looking, just overall neatest airplane ever flown by human beings (I like P-40’s, by the way). N looks good back there, too. Keep ’em coming.

  5. Bernd, I enjoyed this post. You brought out a real fine looking airplane. The write up is easy to follow and an enjoyable read. I especially enjoyed the photo lay out because it show all the aspect of the build. I am looking forward to more.

    • Hi, Paul thank you, it good to read, that the team dictionary/me
      is understandable : – )
      There will be more in the near future, aircrafts tanks and ships
      sometimes as a build log or some older kits in a loose order
      All the best

  6. Guten Tag Bernd,
    fine modeling, cool presentation, nice pictures. Much appreciated that you let us know a bit about the techniques you used. Keep going!

  7. Bernd,
    Extremely well done. You overcame the goofs on the moldings very well and came up with a fantastic looking model. The P-40 is indeed an historic and well loved airplane. I would say that most everyone was in love with the AVG and the 14th AF during the early part of WWII. I fell in love with airplanes at six years old and when the movie “God is My C0-Pilot” came out in 1945 that sealed it for me. your model is a compliment to Robert Scott. Check Jack Mugan’s postings and you will find another member with respect for Scott. Very well done

  8. Bernd…..fine job of overcoming the kit’s very demanding issues of lining-up, filling, sanding, and re-scribing as required to produce a presentable model. Yours is beyond presentable…….it is especially……VERY well-done.

    • Thank you, Bob. If you dislike Hasegawa s P-40, never try their
      Ju 88 in 1/72,when finished it looks the part, but it is a thick casted, expensive nightmare. Modelling should be fun, this kit is not so….
      Beyond these problems with the fit, i hope Hasegawa will expand
      their Warhawk series. This limited edition marketing doesn t help
      All the Best

  9. A lot of work here on your part but it really paid off.
    Extremely sharp pair.

  10. Looks great – thanks for also showing the WIP photos – I always enjoy seeing them.

  11. Hi Bernd – thanks for sharing the link… Heck, it’s a jet, I wouldn’t ever have known the nose cone was upside down if you hadn’t told me!! I need to take more wip shots – you are so right, the hardest part is to remember to take them. But I always love seeing them – always nice to see how the model got to the finished stages 🙂

    • Hi Paul, normaly i am a prob – guy, but at one point i felt there
      must be jet s as well. It is sometimes a good thing, to take a break
      from a projekt, after this you see it in a different way.
      Currently i am ready to start another “in progress” madness, yes it is, stay tuned !

  12. Nice Bernd. Enjoyed the WIP photos. I have an old 1/32 Revell P-40E in my albums and I have not worked on it in a long time. Many problems in the old kit. I really like to see what you were able to do with yours – the finish, choice of decals and even the antenna wire – it all looks very nice. Maybe you have inspired me to get back to mine.

    • Thank you Alan, i am glad you like it. I can t wait to see your
      big Hawk : – ) There is not much detail in the cockpit and wheel bays, i have this kit in my stash as well. The surfaces on this kit are great, an old kit but worth building


  13. Nice clean builds.

  14. Guten Tag, Bernd, another fine P-40, love the WIP especially your technique and advise in assembling that fuselage. Having this kit in the stash it will come in handy when it’s time to build it. Your summary of your project well done and easy to follow. I love the Corsairs and the Mustangs, but I do have a really soft spot for the P-40’s and yours is a well done kit. Thanks for sharing.

    • Guten Morgen Chuck, thank you very much. Give your P-40 a go
      you will like the outcome. Currently there is another one smiling at me at a japanese online store……again a ” E ”
      Corsairs are great too, love these gull wings with this loooong nose


  15. Superb P-40 Bernd – even better when you see the fit problems you had to overcome.

  16. they look fantastic together

  17. Hi Bob, thank you, sadly my AVG Hawk has lost an antenna wire and the left wing guns, so this one appeared not on the pics, later. Love P-40s

  18. Nice work on “Old Exterminator.”

    Here’s a tip for everybody: when installing a windshield like this, where it’s separate. After gluing it in position, you can get rid of the seam at the attachment by running white glue around the base of the part, which insures no problem in keeping the clear part clear.

    • Thank you Tom, a good advise ! Here is mine, to prevent the
      glued part of the clear part to “crystalize” i paint these edges
      in the fuselage colour, this was very important on the glazing
      aft of the cockpit ( I hope you know what i mean )

  19. I love those shark’s teeth, Bernd, you obviously put a great deal of work into this model, and it looks great!

    • Thank you George, the overall look of Hasegawas Warhawk
      keeps you motivated and these mouth too. This aircraft is “born”
      to carry these shark teeths, the other is the F-4E/G Phantom.
      And the…………. 😮 and so on !

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