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Eduard 1/48 Polikarpov I-16 Type 10

Here is my first contribution to this great new (to me!) site.

It is Eduard’s 1/48 scale Polikarpov I-16, Type 10. I used decals from a long OOP Superscale sheet for the code letters/numbers and the ‘Betty Boop’ on the tail. All other markings, and camouflage, painted using Tamiya and Gunze Aqueous paints.
Model is essentially OOB with a few minor additions such as the landing gear retraction cables and opening of the view ports in the landing gear wells (the view ports needed slight repositioning from the kit outlines as well).

This kit is about as complete as they get, and includes some nice photoetch bits. Construction went quickly, as it is a small airplane and the parts all fit extremely well. I elected not to open the pilot’s access door, but in retrospect which I had done so in order to see some of the cockpit detail. Incidentally, Eduard molded the floor as one solid piece, and in fact it was open, with troughs for the pilot’s feet to rest on. This was an easy fix with a razor saw. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos before closing up the fuselage, but I did do that modification.

There are lots more interesting schemes for this aircraft, and I plan to build more of these kits sometime in the future.


5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

20 responses to Eduard 1/48 Polikarpov I-16 Type 10

  1. Oh yes! I like it. Ratas are cool.

  2. Welcome Paul! I haven’t tried one of these, but have always liked the stubby appearance of them. I will show my ignorance and ask which nation has those colours. I am assuming with Betty Boop it is not Soviet.

    • Hi Alan. Guess I should have explained the markings in the post! It’s in the markings of the Republican Airforce, Spanish Civil War. Possibly flown by one of the American volunteers. I was motivated to build this after reading the biography of Frank Tinker, “Five Down and Glory”. Tinker’s a/c is often depicted in different markings, but I think this is a possibility and definitely markings that were used.

  3. Nicely finished and photographed, Paul…..good work.

  4. Nice Build !
    paint is perfect…it wait his first flight and dogfight lol

    • Hi Olivier – I actually did weather the paint a bit to get some tonal variations, but it doesn’t show well in the photos. I did notice the photos picked up a difference in the color of the elevators, but not much else. I tried to weather the paint just slightly.. but after the first dogfight it will probably look worse lol! thanks!

  5. Hi Paul, welcome to the site ,nice build ,I have one of these in the stash.

  6. I love the I-16.
    Nice work!

    Best regards, Vlad.

  7. Nice work1 The I-16 is an interesting subject all around.

  8. Glad to see you aboard. Very nice first post.

  9. Nice build Paul. Great first posting.
    Welcome to the site.

  10. thanks for the nice comments guys – I have a few other builds from not too long ago I’ll try to post shortly as well.. appreciate the warm welcome!

  11. Beautiful Rat! I have wanted to build one since I went to the FHC up here in the Seattle area, I love the choice of markings!

  12. Paul,
    For your first posting I can hardly wait to see any other post of your models. This is excellent.

  13. Well done, Paul. Keep them coming !

  14. Nice looking model, and the photographs are good, too! Welcome to iModeler, Paul.

  15. Fine job, Paul. Just gotta love this little air plane.

  16. Very nice. I have one to build. Will do similar schemes probably Popeye . 🙂

  17. nice building one of these myself

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