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How many of you remember this?

It came on right before the national anthem at 10:30 PM as the TV station was signing off for the night. This is one of the reasons I like F-104’s…

13 responses to How many of you remember this?

  1. Now that’s a Hotrod!

  2. Oh yeah….I DO remember that (watched it more than a few times as I recall).

  3. Jaime, I don’t actually remember that one, but it is a beauty (the 104 is also one of my favorites). John Gillespie Magee would have approved I am sure. Many thanks for that trip down memory lane.

  4. Television stations weren’t on 24/7??? I forget.

  5. Thank you Jaime for that, I remember and I am so glad you were able to find that clip. Was talking to my brother about good ole times as kids and that came up in our conversation. Remember when the TV was off at 11:30 weeknights and believe some stations 12:00. Watching that just now actually brought tears to my eyes. A fine moment the good ole times growing up. Black and white too, I’m just a sentimental guy a guess what can I say. Good Night America and God Bless.

    • You’re welcome, Chuck. I may be wrong about the signoff time, but it wasn’t much later than that. I wasn’t allowed to stay up late that often back then, and that clip was one of the things I looked forward to! We had three TV stations and one or two UHF channels and there was still plenty to watch. I was partial to “Twelve O’Clock High”…..

  6. You telly used to finish at half past ten ???

  7. oh i remember that one…1960’s

  8. Jaime,
    I just discovered if you watch the B & W version to the end, it then goes to a new page with full color version, and some other film choices, including T-38 doing the High Flight video. Interesting.

  9. Only on Friday & Saturday nights when I was allowed to stay up late since they weren’t school nights. Elementary School for those of you keeping They also played the US Air Force’s (then new) theme song “Air Force Blue” which featured lots of F-86’s, Century series fighters, B-52’s and B-47’s are in glorious B&W about the same time of night.

  10. I hadn’t seen that in @ 40 years, one of the local stations here used play it @1:00 AM, back in the sxties, and another station used to show it, just before “Dixie” when I was stationed at Ft Benning, GA, also 40+ years ago.

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