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Modeling for FUN? Are you crazy? My Kid’s Emily flying boat.

Well I forget how long ago it was, must be 10 years ago, I bought my then 15 year old kid a Hasegawa Emily I found cheap while browsing the LHS. He always liked flying boats since he caught my modeling bug early on. Problem is this kit is OLD and when we saw what he was up against, it got pidgeon holed. Bad fit, especially the clear parts, and huge rivets all over. I was surprised one evening to see him messing with it, and he said he was just going to slap it together, No AMS. I suggested an all-black recognition type of thing, to hang in the air museum, but he wanted it to look like an Emily. The results you see here. I like the direction he took, the model looks kind of striking the way it is. And he enjoyed painting the glass and other stuff including the hinomarus, by brush. Just fun, no stress. I might have to give this a whirl. He has just finished an ancient Heller Amiot french bomber, done in the same manner, hope to see it soon.

Unfortunately, Kyle just moved to go to another state to be near his Sweetheart and find his fortune, so there will be a wait. I shall miss his company on the weekly hobby shop visits.
They sure grow up fast.
And Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s out there. Throw a model at them, you never know 🙂

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14 responses to Modeling for FUN? Are you crazy? My Kid’s Emily flying boat.

  1. There obviously are many ways to build a great model! I like the looks of this one!



  2. Good story. Nice model.

  3. that’s beautiful…would have preferred clear glass but still quite stunning…my 40 year old son is moving to san diego…i’m in maryland…i hurts…so your not alone

  4. Striking model. Yes I do know what you are saying about missing his company. My son is 33 and lives in Chicago with his wife and kids while I am down here in Oklahoma.

  5. What scale is that ? N.

  6. nicely built i like what he did with it well done
    My youngest did more than moved state she moved countries she is in Florida on a collage program from the UK but luckily we will be getting her back in a couple of months, we are flying to Vegas for our Holliday and she is meeting us there and coming home with us but i dont think she will stay in the UK i think she will go back she has become quite the little American now, by the way do any of you guys know of any good Hobby shops out that way ???

  7. what a great story and build for Fathers Day! like the use of the blue plastic for the photography as well
    I remember building that kit as a kit as well – loved all the detail and moving parts (I think the flaps and flying surfaces were movable?). nice work on that one and a good clean build!

  8. Great story, and great looking model.

  9. bill,
    You have to be very proud of your son and his modeling skills. I hope he stays with it. This is very nicely done on a kit which is a bear to built. I started one years ago and it made it’s way to my wall and then clutter on the floor. Compliment your son for me.

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