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Monogram 1/48 Canadair Sabre Mk. 4…

I started this kit many years ago, but just finished it in the last year or so. I don’t think I originally intended to do it as an RAF machine, but I really like the classy RAF camo and squadron markings, so that’s how it turned out.

The model depicts XB931/G, a Sabre Mk. 4 of 4 Squadron, RAF Germany, based at Jever, December 1954. Decals are Eagle Strike. Unfortunately for some reason they made the 4 Squadron marking bars flanking the fuselage roundel slightly too large. I wanted to do a 4 Squadron aircraft, so it was something I chose to ignore, though it is too bad they didn’t catch their mistake. Strangely, the decals for the other 2 squadrons on the sheet are the right size.

This aircraft had the “6-3” wing, without leading edge slats, in spite of what Eagle Strike says on the instructions. The book “Sabre: The Canadair Sabre in RAF Service” by Duncan Curtis was helpful in determining this, as there has always been some confusion as to which RAF Sabres had the slats and which the solid leading edge (actually some aircraft had both, at different times, as the 6-3 wing could be a mod to a slatted wing). The Curtis book gives the definitive explanation of this, for each aircraft in each RAF squadron.

Other sources were the Arco-Aircam book No. 24 on the Canadair Sabre, “F-86 Sabre in color” by Larry Davis, “The North American Sabre” by Ray Wagner, “F-86 Sabre” by Maurice Allward, and of course Larry Milberry’s wonderful book “The Canadair Sabre”.

The Monogram Sabre is still a pretty good kit considering its age. I will give the Academy 1/48 kit a try for the next one, and someday the Italeri (ex-Kinetic?) 1/32 kit for a big Sabre. What a pretty airplane.

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14 responses to Monogram 1/48 Canadair Sabre Mk. 4…

  1. Very nice, Robert! I see what you mean about the fuselage decals. Enjoy your upcoming Sabre kits for your collection.

  2. Beautiful rendition, Robert….and you’re right about those “old” Monogram kits – still worth the relatively meager investment for a good-lookin’ build.

  3. Very nice Robert. The RAF camouflage really suits the Sabre & you’vr don a really smooth job of the finish.

  4. Very neat build, Robert, I agree with you, it looks pretty smart in the RAF colours.

  5. Monogram? Very nice indeed!

  6. Nicely presented. The aircraft’s clean lines are emphasised by the colour scheme.

  7. Good to see a Sabre in a different color scheme.
    Great build.

  8. Very clean build. I’m a Prop guy, but always was drawn to that Monogram Canadair kit. It’s the camo scheme I’m sure, and you did a super job on it. I may have to rethink my ‘ww2 only’ program! Great finish on a classic kit!

  9. Very nice and the photos are real sharp and well produced as well

  10. Nice Robert, a classic 50`s jet, in classic RAF colours.
    Well done sir.

  11. Nice clean build, striking paint scheme.

  12. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments re my RAF Canadair Sabre. I’m glad I finally finished it!

  13. Bob,
    Another outstanding model. Two fingers to you.

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