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Monogram 1/48 F-101B Voodoo…

I built this one a couple of years ago. Wow, what a big airplane the F-101 is! Makes the F-105 look little! And those tiny wings. I have always liked the Voodoo, in some ways it is more distinctive looking than the more famous F-4 Phantom which followed it from McDonnell. I think I like “T-tails” (Javelin, F-104 a couple of favorites) even though they could be nasty in flight.

This model depicts an F-101B of the 136th FIS, 197th FIG, of the New York ANG, based at Niagara Falls International Airport, in the late 1970s – early 1980s. Decals are by Eagle Strike. References included Robert Dorr’s 101 book, Lou Drendel’s Squadron book on the Voodoo, Aerofax Minigraph on the F-101B and F by Kevin Keaveney and “Voodoo Warriors” by Nigel Walpole.

The asymmetrical mounting of just one under fuselage fuel tank is not a mistake, as in looking at my references I discovered this was often done for shorter training flights. They didn’t need any more gas, and the drag was less.

This kit is typical classic Monogram, offering a great rendition of this aircraft, if you are willing to put some extra work into it. It does not “easily fall together”! But it has been the only game in town in 1/48 for some time now. I guess the new Kitty Hawk kit is superior (but I don’t know), but look at the price difference. One of the reasons I will always be a Monogram/Revell fan.

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24 responses to Monogram 1/48 F-101B Voodoo…

  1. Robert…Very nicely done Voodoo and I share your enthusiasm for that fine old Monogram kit.

  2. I posted one a while back and yes, it is a fun kit to build! The big thing the Kitty Hawk kit has going for it is that it’s a single seater. I have seen the single tank setup on another McDonnell product. The Demon frequently flew with only one tank because with two the range was actually reduced!
    It looks like the Eagle Strike decals toned down the wing walk area compared to the Monogram offering. This looks more prototypical of what I’ve seen in pictures. Did you keep your missile pallet as a rotating assembly so you can also show the Genies? (Although being an ANG plane, maybe it didn’t carry them?)

    • Josh, I didn’t notice the Kitty Hawk being single seat, that would be a reason to choose it. I actually masked and airbrushed the wing walk area because the decals didn’t look the right value to me. Also thought they might have trouble snuggling down on the surface. Believe I glued the pallet in place, so I will have to do the Genies on the next kit!

    • The ONLY thing the KH kit has going for it is it’s a single seater. It’s a true disappointment – I feel once again like Charlie Brown with the football when it comes to KH kits. I’ll have a review here next week after the big one at Modeling Madness. Let’s just say when I got to what I decided would be the end, I whimpered “Let me up, I’ve had enough.”

  3. Ya can’t beat those “old” Monogram kits for accuracy, ease of assembly and popularity (especially the “century series” examples). Sure….there may be others that are “newer”, but as you say, the price is right. And I’m still not a big fan of Kitty Hawk’s stuff – yet. Nice work on the Voodoo, sir.

  4. Very cleanly built. Nice job on the “cans”.

  5. Beautifully done Robert. I so want to build a Voodoo and add it to my Century series group. I have the new Kitty Hawk kit coming but I’m not sure that I don’t prefer the two-seater to the single seat version. She’s a clean build for sure.

  6. Very nice Voodoo, really like the “hot” metal on the burners

  7. Nice! I have to say overall Monogram are still my all time favorite kits, you built this one to perfection!

  8. Very nicely done. I love the century series fighters. Nice discoloration on the bare metal section and engines.


  9. Thats a beautiful model – well done sir!

  10. That is one great looking model. I love the two-seater Voodoo.

  11. Great looking Voodoo there, like it!

  12. Another very well done build, Robert. One seat or two, I think I’ll choose the Monogram over the Kitty Hawk.

  13. you never disappoint bob

  14. Nice clean build, great paint job.

  15. Hey Robert, your Voodoo is a beauty all the way around. Two fingers of scotch too you!

  16. Robert, that first image just draws your attention at least mine when I first opened your post. You did a heck of job on this kit, well done and great images, it is amazing that this is one kit I do not have or haven’t built before. I do have the excellent 72nd kit from Revell of the F-101B, but this just motivate me to pick one of these up to build someday soon. Thanks for sharing.


  17. Bob,
    Outstanding and if everyone could actually see the model in person they would marvel all the more.

  18. A great build Robert..
    Well done sir.

  19. Thanks to all of you nice folks for your kind words and comments, One little detail I forgot to mention is a louvered vent panel on the starboard side midway along the engine intake/nacelle area. The kit has it as an oval shape, just like the one on the port side. But it should be rectangular. I fixed it on my build, and it’s not really hard to do. I learned about this error from the Detail and Scale book by Bert Kinzey. Again, many thanks.

  20. This looks great. What a nice rendition of this kit.

    The new KH kit is NOT superior.

  21. You’ve certainly a hit with this Voodoo, Robert, and deservedly so, it looks great.

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