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Pzkpfw III Ausf. L Revell 1/72 Winter Camouflage

Hi, here comes the second one, its a PIII and the third attempt to load pictures up. The two before ended, because of hitting the red button, oh my…
This was another of my 1/72 scale tanks this year and the very first one with a winter whitewash. As said before this little kits offers alot of fun.
The pictures were done outside and i used a green backgroud, to have more contrast.
I hope you like it, thank you for watching


7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

16 responses to Pzkpfw III Ausf. L Revell 1/72 Winter Camouflage

  1. Wow, really impressive little Panzer III. The whitewash effect is spot on. Was it dry brushed over the base colour? Good photos too, well done.

    • Hi Gregor, yes it was drybrushed with differend shades of white over dark gray. Then i added a dark wash and some white dry brushed again. After this some shades of brown. The most difficult part was to assemble the tracks, very tiny, but molded without flash
      Thank you !

  2. I agree….well presented all-around. One thing with small scale armor, at least you shouldn’t have a display issue – plenty of room to line up all those puppies.

  3. That looks very nice Bernd.
    And on that scale too.
    Well done sir.

    • Thank you Simon ! After my first tank in this scale, building
      AFVs in this scale become a addiction. A few month ago a friend of mine invited my to a PC game called “World of Tanks” but i refused it, i am not a gamer. But the “incident” inspired me somewhat
      So here they come….

  4. Good job on the distemper & much better lighting with these photos.
    What technique did you use on the distemper?

    • Hi Al, as said above, a lot of drybrushing with some shades of white
      i have used acrylic paints, i guess it worked well enough.
      Some edges were repainted with the dark gray. This parts look
      too big on the pictures but in real they are, like the kit very small.

      It is may interesting, i am a product of a third spring in the live of my parents, i was born in 1971 andmy dad in 1913 ! He enlisted 1935 in the german armed forces and was in december 1941 on the eastern front right before moscow.At this point they were ordered to camouflage their cars, but the white colour was in short supply, so they used the Wehrmachts very own toothpaste in tins to paint the car ! This maybe on a forthcoming project
      :- )

  5. Like it? Love it. Personally I’m of the opinion that creating convincing detail and finish in this scale is that bit extra challenging, and you have succeeded very well. The first photo with the match is telling it all. Thanks for sharing /m

  6. Just Fantastic Bernd, and i agree with all the other comment the weathering is superbly done i cant wait to see your next small scale masterpiece

  7. Very good finish on this one, again, Bernd, and thank you for describing how you achieved it.

  8. Hi George, it is learning while doing for me, glad that you like it !


  9. Bernd,
    again I am impressed with the work you do. This is beautiful.

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