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“Revell-O-Gram” P-47N

Always had a certain affinity for the Jug, so I figured I’d do a quick build of the last one in the pile here. I used my usual ‘artistic license’ -again- and simply used generic markings which I figured looked the part. I tried something new and exciting on this one (well, “new”, anyway) and it involves the ID stripes and the ‘no step’ areas on the wing roots. Rather than paint or use the decals provided, I taped off the area(s) in question and applied copious amounts of Doc O’Briens weathering powders instead just to see what results could be achieved…I was thinkin’ a worn or faded look here… I found out that as long as ya don’t try to ‘seal’ it with sumthin’, it don’t look all that bad. it’ll come off pretty easy if you’re careless. Usually ya gotta be careful with that stuff if your applying gunpowder reside or exhaust streaks [it doesn’t take much].. but in this case, where ya want a rather “full” coverage, don’t be afraid to be heavy-handed.

Anyhow, my meager stash has become non existent now – the only unbuilt kit I have to work on is the 32nd Tamiya birdcage Corsair – and that ain’t gonna be done anytime soon. Oh, I’ve got a myriad of ‘left over’ figures and various stores still unassembled, but those’ll most likely remain that way unless I get really bored. I’ll be back when the F4U-1 is done (whenever that’ll be). Still don’t plan on any WIP pics, though, but ya never know.

Heck…I may even get a wild hair and throw in some of my older stuff for your dining and dancing pleasure whilst fretting over the Corsair the next weeks/months.

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15 responses to “Revell-O-Gram” P-47N

  1. @craigindaytona Craig! How did you do the checkers? They always scare the living daylight out of me. So much that I have never done one with checkers 🙂 !

    An empty stash? Sounds a bit odd to me 🙂 …



  2. Hi Craig
    a very nice P-47, i did this kits years ago and the ladys have started to bleach
    out, oh well.


  3. Another one out of you productive stables Craig.
    Still as good as the rest mate.
    Well done sir.

  4. Interesting approach on the ID stripes Craig. They really look good. Do they smear or blow off if you try to seal them.
    Maybe you’ll find some “smokin deals” deals that will bring you back sooner.

    • They turn to paste and “run away”. But that was brushin’ ’em….I’m sure if ya sprayed a sealant, it’d work. My stains and streaks in the past were never a problem (maybe ’cause of this rather wide application, I dunno).

      • As a long time user of Doc O’ Briens weathing powders, I can confirm that they can be sealed by spraying. All the aircraft and vehicle models I have posted here have been weathered with Doc O’ Briens and sealed with various manufacturers clear coats with no problems.

  5. congratulations on an empty stash…that’s on my bucket list…i should live a long life

  6. Nice clean build.

  7. cool use of the weathering powders. And many congrats on an empty stash… I don’t think I will live long enough to have that result at my house!!

  8. Craig,
    Great job.

  9. You’ve built everything in your stash? Call out the villagers! It’s pitchfork and torch time; we’ve a heretic in our midst! Young man you go out and buy a model this instant, or it’s straight to bed with no supper.
    Good on you Craig, hope I can say the same some day

    • Yep…don’t have ANY models left (right now), other than the one in which I just today opened the box and started takin’ the outta plastic bags – Tamiya’s 32nd birdcage Corsair.
      I was never one to have stacks and stacks of unbuilt kits anyhow. I don’t understand those folks who have 100’s or 1000’s of models that they KNOW will never be finished.

  10. Another one of your many great builds, Craig. The trouble is that if you don’t buy a kit when you see it, when you do actually want one it won’t be available, or will only be advertised at an exhorbitant price on Evil Bay…………….having said that, I don’t have a stash either, I buy (or order) another one when I’ve nearly finished the one I’m building.

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