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T-6 stick time…

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have three different rides (including aerobatics) with Warbird Adventures near Orlando. I attempted to replicate the three different Texans I’ve flown in with the venerable Monogram 48th scale T-6G Texan.

I had the”” decal custom made and the name “Kissimmee” on the fuselage were from a letter/number generic decal sheet which I had to cut out and spell SEPARATELY and try to keep them in a straight line at the same time – talk about time consuming!

16 additional images. Click to enlarge.

19 responses to T-6 stick time…

  1. Nice set, Craig. I particularly like the ‘Army’ version.

  2. Nice Craig, it`s something to look at in your display area and remember the time you flew in one of those.
    Well done Craig.

  3. Nice set there Craig. The scheme on the # 3 plane is interesting.

  4. Those look great Craig! I bet they’re spectacular on display together! I find my interest turning more and more to civilian use of military aircraft.
    I was just out at Warbird Adventures last week. Didn’t fly though, trying to save enough money to get my flying machine back in the air

    Eric aka The Yankymodeler

  5. I love the colour schemes on these, Craig, they must bring back happy memories for you.

  6. OK, I am officially jealous….you got to fly in a Texan three times AND get to experience aerobatics as well! I like your collection and applaud your efforts to replicate the very aircraft that provided you with that great experience.

  7. Hi Craig, it must be a very special experience to build these birds. I like them
    all very much. Did you use the kit parts for the sliding hood or vacu parts ?

    All the best

  8. nice job…just think when we first came out of high school we probably could have picked one of these up for 5 or $10,000.00…a stang for $30,000.00…ain’t hind sight 20/20

  9. Congratulations – these are beautiful

  10. Craig,
    I am in awe of your experience in the T-6. I love this airplane and have always wanted to get a ride in one. This is beautiful. I like the Kissimmee scheme. I remember going to Kissimmee and seeing the Collings B-24 under restoration. Great job. Have you seen the 1/32 Kitty Hawk T-6? It looks really great. I have to still like the Monogram kit and I have about six in my stash. Absolutely beautiful

    • I dunno, Frank….I thought I’d be one of the first to jump on a 32nd T-6, but after reading and seeing the negative comments about it, I think I’ll pass and wait for Tamiya’s.
      I’ve had first-hand experience with KH and I know they’re still having design and engineering problems. The F-35 I have is a modeler’s nightmare….nothing fits. Read the comments regarding the F-101 a few pages back and you’ll see what I mean.

  11. Nice Craig! The good old T6, they should still be making them today! Best “classroom” in the world to learn solid stick and rudder skillls! Enjoyed seeing that pic of the rear cockpit panel with those old 1940’s instruments mixed in with the new “black magic” boxes. Yes KH has done a great job with the 1/32 T6 but I agree, looking at pics something just doesn’t look quite right, seems the gear oleo struts may be too short? Hope they can tweak it as it was awesome to see a 1/32 T6. The Monogram kit still is the 1/48 benchmark I think. Haven’t heard about Tamiya’s one, that sounds interesting!? What scale?

  12. Very good, and very cool idea, Craig. We saw a couple of those birds a few months back, and you nailed it !

  13. Nice clean builds, all pleasing to look at. The Army version paint scheme makes the plane look much older the the other two versions, great job.

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