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Tamiya F4F Wildcat

Well….I couldn’t stand it and went ahead and decaled this one without the Future coat. I figured there weren’t that many decals goin’ on it anyway, so I tried a different method. After I applied the markings, I [brushed on] coat of flat lacquer – it turned out decently (for me). I already have two other Wildcats with the gear down, so this one got the gear up option. As usual with Tamiya, a pretty straightforward (and quick) build. The other 3 awaiting decals (B-17, P-47 & Avenger) will also wait for the Future – should be here this week. After I posted the pictures, I realized I should’ve painted wing-walk areas on it. Doh!

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15 responses to Tamiya F4F Wildcat

  1. Sharp Wildcat Craig. When you get the Future try this. Using an old kit & decals wet the decals as usual, put a puddle of Future on the model, place the decal in it, overcoat with more Future & wick off the excess. If it works for you like it has for me the decal will be pulled down as the Future dries with no silvering.
    I brush Future not spray it.

  2. Looks good Craig – did you say you brushed the flatcoat on? What flatcoat do you use? I’m with Al – I brush Future on all the time – my builds all are glosscoated by brushing Future on. Never can get the stuff to spray correctly, and is really is self-leveling, so never had a problem doing things that way. Having said that, I have never found a brushable flatcoat, so please share 🙂
    Nice clean build on the Wildcat – gotta love those Tamiya kits (I sure do!)

  3. Another great looking build – that looks really cool!

  4. I use Testor’s 1 3/4 oz. bottle of Dullcote Lacquer (product #1106) for a brushed on flat finish and over decals just like Future/Pledge (which I always brush as well…no runs, no drips, no errors). I’ve tried the Future thing as a decal solvent, but I prefer to apply a coat and when dry, then decal, That way the clear coat also seals in any panel lines, exhaust staining, oil residue, gun barrel streaking, etc., etc.

  5. Nice one as usual Craig.
    Well done sir.

  6. love it with the wheels up…old monogram box art i suppose…clip those props and just leave the spinner…very cool

  7. I love the fact that you couldn’t wait, Craig, so you had to try a different method, and it seems to have worked fine.

  8. Hi Craig, a very nice rock solid build ! I like it very much. And very good pictures too, what background did you use ?


  9. Craig,
    Looks great to me. This is an excellent kit and you have done it justice.

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