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Academy 1/48 Hawker Hunter F.6…

I am a big fan of Sir Sydney Camm’s Hawker fighter designs, from Kingston on Thames, especially the Typhoon, Tempest and Hunter. The Hunter has always been one of my most favorite aircraft, for many, many years. Aircraft shapes don’t come much prettier than this. A machine of classic beauty.

This is from the 1/48 Academy kit, and depicts XG191/G, a Hunter F.6 of 19 Squadron, at RAF Leconfield, England, in 1963. Aeromaster decals were used, they have a good selection for the Hunter. References were plentiful, as I have most of the books that have ever been done on the Hunter. It’s a well documented aircraft.

The main problem with the 1/48 Academy kit is the cockpit, which is more like 1/72 in scale. An aftermarket cockpit was used (can’t remember whose, but it worked fine). One of the biggest problems I had with building this kit was the main landing gear and doors. Fussy little pieces of plastic that defied holding in the right position and glueing at the same time. Maybe the Revell 1/32 next time.

Wait, come to think of it, I have another Academy Hunter ready to paint and finish. It is a Mk.5, with no saw tooth on the leading edge of the wing (that took a bit of doing, and an aftermarket set I bought was no help, I had to do it myself), and a slightly revised tail end for the jet exhaust. I guess I better finish that one first. Maybe I will have an easier time on the main gear.

As a footnote, and testimony to my long time love of the Hunter, I still have the early 1/72 (?) Frog model, (with the pilot’s head and shoulders molded into the fuselage halves, no wheel wells, etc.!), that I built when I was a kid, ages ago, probably back in the early 1950s. It is in the last photo, showing broken tip to port aileron. Not much damage for over 50 years. Too bad I built it, it would be worth a lot more as a kit in the box!

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31 responses to Academy 1/48 Hawker Hunter F.6…

  1. Hi Robert, a very nice Hunter, Sir Sydneys birds are favorites for me too
    the Tempest Mk. II is one of the best looking fighter planes ever, the Hunter
    as well. The picture from the underside is interesting, the colours are
    medium sea gray and high speed silver ? I always thought Hunters are only
    silver on the underside.

    • Bernd,
      No, the undersurfaces are all High Speed Silver. I usually add a little white, I think, to the silver, to make it a bit less harsh. I do believe that some of the later marks, like the FGA.9, used Light Aircraft Grey instead of silver on the undersurfaces. I’ll have to look at my references. Anyway, this one is silver underneath, I think the indirect light may have something to do with what you see. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Always wanted to do a Hunter….never have. Now I want to. Nice!

  3. Cool Robert – The Hunter is the Spitfire of its era in terms of the good looks department. Great job!

  4. Morning Robert, thank you for a excellent Hunter. For my money she’s one of the most beautiful aircraft ever. I think you Frog Hunter is priceless just as it sits, you have a half century of memories invested there, no amount of money could replace that.

    • Rick, a funny little story about the Frog Hunter model. On one of our household moves, one of the horizontal stabilizers broke off the fin, and disappeared. Looked for it everywhere with no success. Then one day, it turned up where I could swear I had looked before! I couldn’t believe it. Glued it back on, and will keep an eye on it from now on!

  5. Very nice Robert – classic looking aircraft and a beautiful model of it – nice one!

  6. Really sharp Hunter Robert. Great finish on it.

  7. Yes very good job, the Brits built some magnificent jets in the 50’s 60’s, the Hunter was stunning, just been reading about the Rhodesian Air Force and their amazing Hunter exploits! I think the jets which come close to “Spitfire beauty” were of course the Hunter, the Folland Gnat, small but very pretty and I’ve always thought the Dassault Mirage F1 to be a beautiful jet. The Tornado is also a good looker, methinks, in the “modern age”.

  8. Robert, fine job on this aircraft.

    When I see a Hunter it never quite looks real to me – looks more like something from a concept design board. SAM Publications do a nice book on the Hunter: “The Hawker Hunter – a Comprehensive Guide” by Paul Bradley, ISBN 0-9551858-9-0.

    There’s a little air museum near Norwich airport here in Norfolk!1s0x47d9e1f0f68e430d:0x9d6ffeeab61a8380!2m5!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i100!3m1!7e1!4s!5sair+museum+norwich+-+Google+Search&sa=X&ei=Ywa0U-3OI4HA7Abq8YDwDg&ved=0CMcBEKIqMAo, with a Hunter sitting outside in all weathers.The cockpit is TINY!.

    • Rob,
      Thanks for your comment, and for the info on the SAM book. I was aware of that one, but don’t have it. I will see if Amazon has any links to it. I do have their book on the Lightning, and they do a fine job. Thanks for the link to the museum. Wow, they have 2 Hunters! Looks like an F.6 and a FR.10. And a Jaguar, another favorite!

  9. Lovely Hunter Robert. Well finished.
    Nice pics .
    Well done sir.

  10. Exceptional work, Robert. Spot-on paint/decal job.
    You mentioned…. “plastic that defied holding”….so, you’ve lost the 3rd hand that the rest of us crazies have, eh…..

  11. extraordinary paint work

  12. As a fellowe Hunter fan – beautiful work. IIRC, it was Aeroclub did the 1/48 cockpit. True Details might have but I can’t remember.

  13. Very nice work Robert,if your interested I have built this kit but in markings you may not have seen,check out my gallery,thanks for showing.

  14. Robert- Really nice job on your Hunter…A two “Two fingers” of Scotch salute to you!

  15. Nice clean build.

  16. Definitely a very nice Hawker Hunter, I seem to remember an aircraft called the Supermarine Swift that looked like a smaller version of the Hunter at the time, does anyone remember that?

    • George,
      The Swift was designed for the same specification as the Hunter, but it was not as successful a design. As an interceptor it had many problems, and had a very short service life. As a photo reconnaissance version it was more successful, but never as much so as the Hunter.

  17. Thanks to all of you for your comments and compliments. The Hunter is such a beauty, and an inspiration. It demands the best from model builders! I will have to get going again on my Mk.5 and finish it. And then someday the Revell 1/32 FGA.9, if I can find space for it!

  18. Bob,
    Seems that we are not the only ones that love the Hunter. It is on my list of favorites and your model proves shy it is so loved. The fine comments you are receiving from the others would be greatly enhanced if they if fact could see the real model. I will pass on to the others that the real model is gorgeous. Two fingers and a burger to you.

    P.S.& Erich, Have to re-do the photo session. Have problems with camera settings.

  19. Hi Robert.
    An outstanding model.& a beautiful build; looks every inch a Hunter. If you do succumb to temptation in the shape of the Revell 1/32 scale model, I can vouch for the kit absolutely.

    • Tony,
      Thanks for your comment and good words. Yes, I do have 2 of the Revell 1/32 FGA.9 waiting to be started. Wanted to get the F.6 as well, but that seems a tough kit to find. I need to figure out where I will put one of these once it is done!

  20. I will have to get this kit,where can I get it?
    I have just started modeling again at 79 wish me luck.
    Great job this model takes me back to my days with 19 squadron
    well done

    • John,
      Thanks for your note, it’s always great to hear from someone in the UK that has been in the RAF, my favorite air force.
      Wow, you are just one year older than I am, so I guess it is still possible I may get back to model building. Since our most recent move, to smaller quarters, I have not yet been able to, my muse has left me or something like that! As far as the Academy kit, I believe it is still current, and you should be able to find it at a hobby shop or online. Good luck with the main landing gear!

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