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Another P-40 – Trumpeter 1/48 Curtiss 81-A2 Warhawk

I finished this about 2 years ago, using the Kits World decals for “Tex” Hill’s aircraft, & Gator Masks for the camouflage.
I rebuilt the cockpit to the proper depth using a combination of kit parts, True Details resin,
Eduard photo-etch, and scratch built details.

I also corrected as many of the other fatal flaws of the Trumpeter kit but didn’t address any out line or shape issues. It looks like a P-40 to me..;-).

I used did not use faded roundels on the upper surfaces or much weathering since this aircraft was written off in a landing accident before the AVG entered combat. The paint colors were hand mixed based on numerous internet sources to approximate the Dupont colors used by Curtiss.

The model is part of my “Hamilton Plate” collection. I was privileged to meet “Tex” Hill during one of his visits to Indiana, however more than a decade passed before the model was completed. While I was tempted to use the more colorful fictitious markings shown on the plate, I chose to try to accurately represent the aircraft as it was.

15 responses to Another P-40 – Trumpeter 1/48 Curtiss 81-A2 Warhawk

  1. those masks look great…nice job

  2. Thanks Bob. I was scared to death the paint was going to lift when I peeled them off, but I don’t recall any problems.

    • Mark said on July 9, 2014

      Love the attention to detail on the armored glass behind the front windscreen. Planning on doing the same on the 32nd scale version. Nice clean build and this for sharing.

  3. Thanks Mark, it doesn’t show in the photos but I found a decal that was a good match for the stadia reticle on the armored glass. I think I spent so much time trying to get the cockpit right I may have let down on the rest of the build. You’ll have that…lol

  4. Nice-lookin’ finish on that camo….I like it.

  5. Well done Warhawk Rick, nice set of P-40’s the last few days. I still believe that the sharkmouth looks the best on the Warhawk. And I have to have at least one P-40 wearing such a scheme before I am said and done. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Cool P-40, I like it. I’m always facinated by the whole colour debate that seems to surround the AVG’s Tomahawks. Being colour blind they all look great to me 🙂

  7. Yeah, they didn’t get the Flying Tiger decal till Disney sent them over at the end of February 1942, brought by Claire Booth Luce when she came to cover them for LIFE Magazine (which her husband Henry Luce owned). So good for you not “doing” the plate. If you ever get the chance to see the Life color photos, you see the Tigers all seem to have a dark brown “shield” behind them, the result of the varnish they painted over them after applying the decals, so they would stay on in the humidity of SW China.

    • When I met “Tex” Hill after talking to him a bit I asked if he’d sign this plate I had. He looked at it a bit and said “you know none of this happened, I wrecked that plane before we started fighting.” I believe his language was a bit more salty than I’ve described. With all the “lore” built up around white 48, I wonder what plane he actually used in combat until he got his P-40E white 108

  8. Your P-40 looks great, Rick. Ray Waddey did the artwork for the plate. I like the way they compliment each other. The autograph makes it awesome !

  9. Thanks Joe, I have all the plates, with several autographed. I’ve built all the fighters in 1/48 scale but still have the do the 3 bombers.

  10. Another one of your very crisp builds Rick! Looks great!

  11. Hi Rick, there are so many P-40 in the past days, i overlooked this one.
    A very neat and “hungry” looking Hawk.
    Great work , the cockpit looks good as well !


  12. Rick,
    Very nicely done. Great looking P-40.

  13. Thank you Frank, I appreciate the complement.

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