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Enola Gay - Last Man Standing

July 30, 2014 · in Uncategorized · 5 Comments

You may have picked this up from the wire services, that Theodore "Dutch" van Kirk, last surviving member of the Enola Gay crew, and its Navigator on the Hiroshima run, has died aged 93.

The crew photo here shows Captain Van Kirk, left, with Col. Paul W. Tibbets Jr., center, and Maj. Thomas W. Ferebee in 1945 after they flew the Enola Gay to Hiroshima to drop "Little Boy" on 6 August, 1945.

A biographical note is here:

1 additional image. Click to enlarge.

5 responses

  1. Interesting photograph. They seem very relaxed and its an odd thought to consider the utter chaos and devestation that had just been caused - while the photo was being taken!

    • Something else odd I just noticed...the pic of the entire aircraft has some sort of arrow symbol on the vertical stabilizer.
      Every photo I've ever seen of the Enola Gay has/had an "R" within a circle. EVERY photo - except this one. Sumthin' ain't right - 🙁

  2. Also note that the aircraft pictured in the publicity photo is NOT the "Enola Gay" - her number was 82. And I'll further surmise that the picture was taken either before or after they were at Tinian - I doubt they even HAD class A uniforms there. Great pic however...hadn't seen that one before.

  3. I was saddened to read about this. My son and I got to meet him at an air show in Galveston a few years ago. He took the time to talk with us, answer all of our inane questions and autograph the B-17 print that's hanging in my den. A true gentleman, he will be missed.

    Craig, that photo of Enola Gay was taken after the atomic mission, when she had been repainted in her correct group markings. The circle "R" was the designator of another bomb group based on Tinian and was used to conceal the existence of the 509th Group. The circled arrow is the marking of the 509th Composite Group.

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