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Hi not much time for modelling, right now, but time for some refurbishing. This time it is my
Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6 in the markings of 4./JG 51 “Mölders” flown by Obfw. Elias Kühlein
in Romania 1943. The white band was over painted with a dark colour and this is my interpretation.
The kit is Hasegawas “G” 109 in 1/32. Despite some errors these Hasegawa kits are a joy to build.
After a few years it got a new pitot, a new antenna and clear on the canopy and some ” make up ” on these eyes ( this come out not so good )
To lay the hands on an older kit again, is like to meet an old friend for me.
I hope you like it


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22 responses to Gustav

  1. Looks “good as new” to me…a few of mine could stand ‘refurbishing’, as you put it – some due to age, some due to past ineptness (I should probably use that latter term in the present tense as well). 🙁

    • Your models look great ! After a while i see my errors and correct
      some of it. I am doing an online-build on “Aeroscale”, it is a MiG
      and after some days, not touching it i recognised, that my bird
      looks somewhat strange, i managed to glue the nose cone upsidedown ! : – (

  2. Interesting take on this, Bernd. Nice cockpit wear.

  3. Nice 109 Bernd, paint and weathering look just right.

  4. Another sharp build straight from the restoration shop.
    What’s next?

  5. Nice bit of re-furb there Bernd, it`s nice when you add bits to a finished build.

    Well done mate.

  6. All good. In total agreement with previous posts.
    Eyes a bit “dreamy” and might just lull a Spitfire or Mustang to sleep.

  7. Very nice. Great job. 🙂

  8. NIce build, Bernd, it’s a very interesting scheme, the eyes look great!

    • Thank you, Juan, these are the kit decals.I bought this one back in the “glory days” in a hobby store, in the moment i stand before it, i knew i had to buy it. There was a second versionon on the sheet, from a another wing, i guess this was a temporary fashion in these days.

  9. Berne,
    This is absolutely stunning.

  10. Looks fab! The eyes are really weird. Is that for real?

    Funny. I#ve just been through my “early ” kits with good results. New canopies on those where i can get them!

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