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Mc Donnel Douglas F-4N Phantom II Hasegawa 1/72

Thank god its Phriday !

Here is another Phantom of my collection. My kits rest on shelves and they gather a lot of dust, so from time to time, they need an update and i found some mistakes done by me as well. The Hasegawa Phantoms in 1/72 are nice looking kits, but no sharp panel lines, no

details in the cockpit ( decals for the instruments) if you are looking in the intakes, there is a wall ! The kit was started in autumn 2012 and finished right before christmas 2013 a long time, thanks to a lot of mistakes done by me !

Hasegawa delivers only the aircraft and drop tanks, the still incomplete armament comes from a Hoobyboss A-7 kit, that never will see the light of day, because it does not look like a SLUFF !The markings are from the famous VF-111Sundowners, in 1976. The decals

are from the box and you can choose three very colourful aircraft.
The F-4 is a favorite aircraft of mine and there will be more in the future, the Academy F-4B in 1/48 is maybe the next, with a lot of “in progress” pics. Or something completely different, i just don t know…
I hope you like it.

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29 responses to Mc Donnel Douglas F-4N Phantom II Hasegawa 1/72

  1. The Hasegawa Phantom has its shortcomings but it sure looks good finished!

    Best regards Magnus

  2. Another nice F-4 Bernd. Good work mate 🙂

    • Thank you Gregor, glad you like it. Until this build, i ever
      thought, subjects on colour pictures are easier to do, but
      on every pictures, the gull gray look different, in the end this
      little Phantom has a lot of paint on it.

  3. Cool Bernd, a Phantom is a Phantom no matter what kit.
    Well done sir.

  4. Your finished product sure looks like a Phantom.
    Very nice.

  5. So, the ‘Phantom Opera’ goes on…. (sorry folks), it’s a nice looking model, Bernd, like all your submissions, it’s great. Keeping your models clean if displaying them in the open is an ongoing problem that most of us suffer from. I have one display case, and have one or two models on display at a time, changing them on a roughly weekly basis, or, when the mood takes me. Otherwise they are kept out of sight in polythene bags inside boxes, such a shame really.

    • Hi George, the next one will be out of the opera ; – ) My attic
      looks like these Boneyards in the U.S desert. I change my
      collection from time to time as well. The smaller kits were mothballed in big boxes but the bigger ones get a lot of dust.
      One nasty problem for me is, after some time the clear parts turn into opal white,on some kits, beyond help, this is very sad.We modellers are like aircraft carriers, space is precious.
      Have a nice Weekend

  6. Phabulous Phantom, Bernd…easy to mistake it phor a phorty-eigth scale kit (at least phor me). Very sharp lookin’ build, sir…I like it.

  7. Nice clean build.

  8. If you want to clean dust off your models with no fear of knocking something off, here is what I do:

    Collect two old pump-action/trigger action refillable spray bottles. Fill both with clear water Add some diswashing liquid to one (after it’s been filled, you don’t want suds).

    Spray the model with the soapy water to loosen the dust/dirt/grime. Rinse with the clear water bottle. Allow to air dry.

    You can do this with rigged biplanes and even fully-rigged sailing ships without harm to the model.

    • Hi Tom, a great advise, thank you. Sadly this comes a little too late
      for my big Revell frigates, they are long gone and my C.S.S
      Alabama is in a sorry state. But this can work well on other older
      kits. I will give a feedback

  9. Bernd,
    Nice job, and a striking looking Phantom. Thanks!

  10. Nice Phantom, Bernd.

  11. Good morning, John, thank you !

  12. Nice looking Phantom Bernd, the Sundower’s markings are always a treat.

  13. Great colors for your Phantom ! very nice build !

  14. Bernd,
    Beautiful. I like it . You did a great job on this.

  15. Hi Bernd – I was referencing your Norm72 Luftwaffe Phantom again and saw this one. I also have some Sundowner decals to put on a navy Phantom – and in same scale! Yours looks great! As I was finishing up my RF-4E, and looking at the Hasegawa E that I plan to build in Israeli livery, I was thinking about the Sundowner decals waiting for me, and how much I really love the Phantom. Although my “goal in life” is to build at least one of everything that flew (military, from WWII to present), I could easily succumb to filling a cabinet with Phantoms in all their various schemes! However, I have to say that once I build one, I need to take a break – tedious work doing the metal on the tail section, and usually have to do a lot of work in the cockpits as not many kits come with much detail. Anyway – I saw your comment about how much you like the Phantom, and wanted to share my interest as well. Cheers!

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