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Mc Donnell Douglas RF-4E Phantom II Revell 1/72

Hi, here is my Recce – Phantom from the german Luftwaffe. It was one of the aircrafts from “AG 52″ that took part in the NATO exercise ” Best Focus 82″ in Karup, Denmark.
There is a special painting on the fin.
The Revell kit suffer from flaws on it s outlines, canopy too low, nose too slim, intakes
too wide, but they are cheap and go very well together, the Hasegawa kit is also not perfect and expensive !
If you look inside the intakes, there are the engines, the cockpit is great for this scale as well the wheel wells. The surfaces are deeper engraved than Hasegawa s, but petite !
The Phantom is one of my favorite Jet airfcraft and like most legendary aircrafts, their are
a lot of nice and interesting schemes.
The kit is Revell, the decals came from Airdoc ( markings and stencils seperate ), the colour is Xtra colours, but self mixed with others to match the camo shades better.
It is not my best kit, but the photo session, outside, came out nice, i managed to damage the tailplane, it hangs in the false angle, you will notice it !
I hope you like it

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26 responses to Mc Donnell Douglas RF-4E Phantom II Revell 1/72

  1. Nice work Bernd. Phantoms are one of my favorites as well.

  2. Superb Bernd. I saw Luftwaffe Phantoms flying display at RAF Leuchars back in the 1990’s and they were awesome. Great model!

    • Hi Gregor, yes, the Phantom is awesome, years back i was in the open, on a field, two Luftwaffe F-4F were roaring very low over my head making a roll, made a curve, coming back , whoa, what a sound …..and a sight, after they were gone the black plume of smoke was standing still in the sky. A Phantomaniac was born…..

  3. Very, very nice, love that scheme.

  4. Great Phantom Bernd. One of my all time favourite planes.
    Well done Bernd.

  5. Looks like a Phantom to me Bernd, kit shortcomings or not.
    Very nice.

  6. Hi guys, thank you all for the nice comments !

  7. Looks great….I thought it was a 48th scale at first glance. Phantoms Phorever!

  8. Nice clean build.

  9. Great one Bernd – love the Luftwaffe camo on the Phantom. Very nice work.

  10. It looks great, Bernd, and, as you said, the outdoor photographs are very successful, but, it’s all too easy to damage your models while you are outside!

  11. thats a great looking Phantom – i didnt notice anything wrong with it at all!

  12. Thank you all for all the nice comments, it is a great motivation. There
    will be coming more on this beautiful side.


  13. nice looking rhino

  14. This is REALLY my cup of tea! Right scale, right aircraft, right camo, I really dig it!

    Best regards Magnus

  15. Thank you, Magnus and Bob. The 1/72 scale is full of capabilities !
    You can do ships, aircraft, tanks and so on, and mostly without wasting
    too much precious space ( and money )

  16. Bernd,
    Another great Phantom from you! I love the color scheme, and that you have put all the stencil markings on, it really makes it look real. Classy looking aircraft. Thanks!

    • Thank you Robert, a F-4 without stencils look rather plane.
      The stencils came from a special Airdoc decal sheet. Airdoc
      supplies the modeller not with single stencils but with a lot on a
      single carrier film, like the big Tamiya kits. So you have a more
      or less “over decaled ” kit. There was some silvering and i tamed
      it with a slight overspray with the colour shades
      All the Best

  17. Bernd,
    Beautifully done. I really like the German scheme on this aircraft. I like everything about what you have done here.

    • Thank you very much for this warm words, Frank ! These camo scheme, looks good and is relative easy to do. Todays fighter aircraft are more or less gray, it is hard to let this “shine”. There will be a F/TF-104 in this scheme too.
      All the Best

  18. Bernd – found this researching for my group build RF-4E, and secured the AirDOC stencil set. I was originally going to do the lizard scheme but I think I’ve decided I like this one better.

    Great looking model, and in my preferred scale! Love it!

  19. Hello Greg, thank you for digging this out. F-4s in the Norm 72 camo look great and the camo is relative easy to do. And you right for securing the stencil set, The whole airframe is full of those little decals. In the end i oversprayed them a bit to tone them down, it looked too much !
    A nice touch on the sheet is that the stencils are not single bits, an advantage in this scale !

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