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Monogram 1/48 Hawker Hurricane IIa…

Here is another of my old Monogram 1/48 kits from way back, the Hawker Hurricane (by the way, you’ll be happy to know I’m running out of these!). I put a bit more work into this one than I did on the FW 190. It has a scratch built cockpit (but with the kit decal instrument panel!), which barely shows in one of the photos. Also scratch built wheel wells.

This model depicts a Hurricane IIa of 71 ‘Eagle’ Squadron, RAF, in late 1940. 71 was one of the 3 ‘Eagle’ squadrons, manned by American volunteers that wanted to get into action against the Luftwaffe, before America was in the war. They equipped with Hurricanes in November 1940, and became operational in February 1941 at RAF Kirton-in-Lindsey, moving to Martlesham Heath in April 1941.

Before I took these photos, I neglected to wash the model, and I should have, not for the overall finish, which was pretty good, but for the windscreen and canopy, which are a bit cloudy. However, after washing, they didn’t appear that much better, so here they are! Of course there are other problems, such as the poorly fitting canopy (wasn’t intended to be open), and the kit roundels with the too bright red, but I think I’ll leave it at that, and not borrow any more trouble!

12 additional images. Click to enlarge.

15 responses to Monogram 1/48 Hawker Hurricane IIa…

  1. gorgeous…that takes me back about 50 years

  2. Man, Monogram….amongst Tamiya, Hasegawa and whomever else, I will stack that company in their prime (and Revell, though I am a Monogram guy!) against anyone, given the time frame. Put the Monogram team together with modern tool making techniques and Eduard would tremble, much less Tamiyagawa……Yeah, memories, and a beautiful job! Great build man!

  3. Very Nice, and i agree with Rob i think all the manufacturers today would quake in there boots if Monogram were Reproducing all there old kits with modern methods theres one thing you can take to the bank they would a damn site more accurate than some of the new kits being released today
    i think most modellers have a soft spot for Monogram for me they were my first foray into 1/48 and i loved em
    Nice Build Rob after all these years this kit still looks the business

  4. Great Hurricane. Makes me want to get mine started. The Mono kit came with the options to build the cannon armed variants, and the Hurri-bomber.

  5. Beautiful Hurricane Bob. Never built their Hurricane or Fw-190 but, Monogram is still the gold standard as far as my “heart” is concerned, and still are for many subjects for shape and level of detail, raised pane lines and all.

  6. Might be an older build but it still has that “gotcha” factor.
    Nice work.

  7. I’ll chime in with my support and love for those old Monogram kits – they are some serious nostalgia for me and you did a bang up job on that build. From a few feet away there is no way you can tell whether that is a Hasegawa or a Monogram – and that Monogram kit has to have 40 or 50 years on Hasegawa. And talk about all the cool options they had! Thanks for bringing it to life!

  8. Great Hurricane, well done, i agree with this thoughts with Monogram !
    The Hurricane Mk.II was one of the first kits i have done with an airbrush.
    Today i would add wheelwells and some cockpit details and these rivets
    would be sanded down, thats all to get a good Hurricane

  9. Beautiful! Those old Monogram kits can really be turned into something special. Great work on your Hurricane!

  10. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….Monogram models were the top of line kits IMO before the “Asian Invasion” took over. Beat anything anyone else had on the market ‘back in the day’. For my money, they’re STILL a damn fine kit in regard to accuracy, fit and – best of all – choices. And your Hurricane proves it.

  11. yup – completely concur with Craig. Especially once Monogram moved away from the toy features (this hurri did have retractable gear) they really became pretty darn close to what’s out there today. The 1/48 bomber kits have incredible detail, and their P-51 bubbletop was THE standard until the Tamigawa boys came along. Same for their P-47 razorback. And the Typhoon. the list goes on!!

  12. You’ve proved that these Monogram kits are good again, Robert, but, I think, your skill and hard work make a lot of difference.

  13. Great job on an old kit. Looks great.

  14. Thanks to all for your comments! Glad you enjoyed my “step back in time” with the old Monogram Hurricane. It was interesting and fun to work on these kits back then, and try to make some improvements. When you return to them years later, clean them up and take photos, it is amazing how good they can still look. And if you build them now, without losing the knowledge that you really are working on a kit you may have built as a youngster, it is quite a trip!

  15. Bob,
    What can I add about Monogram. The fact that they still rank highly with modelers regardless of modern technology is testament to the accuracy and quality of the kits. Your hurricane is beautiful and even more so when seeing it in person.

    After a bit of a hiatus I seriously got back into modeling in 1968. The very first kit I started with was the Monogram Hurricane. I still have it, not anywhere near as good as yours, plus I have an original first issue kit. Great job. A burger and two fingers to you.

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