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Monogram B-58 Hustler.. (a repost)

The venerable old Monogram kit is still an accurate (accurate enough for ME, that is) and H-U-G-E model when completed. Gotta have a lotta space if you’re gonna build this one.

Naturally, no airbrushes were damaged during the assembly of this silver bird. Model Master (Testors), “buffable metalizer” spray cans exclusively. With shades like Aluminum Plate, Titanium, Magnesium, Gun Metal and Stainless Steel from which to choose, PLUS the option of buffing or not buffing, gives one many color choices to pick from.

I always brushed on – yes, brushed on – a coat of Future (or similar), before using Tamiya ‘yellow tape’ to mask off the panel lines. Anyone wanna buy a used airbrush? Only used a handful of times – like new. 🙂

9 additional images. Click to enlarge.

56 responses to Monogram B-58 Hustler.. (a repost)

  1. A definite eye catcher Craig. Maybe you can use your airbrush to blow off the dust before you paint.

  2. One big beast there Craig .
    Nicely finished as normal.
    Well done mate.

  3. Why Craig, that’s actually….pretty! And authentic markings to boot. Very nice NMF job.

  4. Outstanding Craig!! Gotta share more about this NMF!! Looks as good or better than ANY I’ve seen!


    • Spray on whatever color you want as a “base coat” – you can prime it first if you wish, but I’ve found that it’s really not necessary. Seal the [first] color with Future. Always. Use Tamiya yellow tape (I’ve had no problems with anything “pulling up” with it), and mask off those panels/areas you wish to paint a different shade. Again, apply Future when dry. Simply repeat as often as necessary. Remember, you can achieve varying results in the sheen/shade by using an old , soft rag and rubbin’ up the shine or just leavin’ it dull. A pair of those cotton manicure gloves come in rely handy. Not only can you reach those tough areas, it also keeps the finish on the plastic instead of your fingers. Trust me.
      You can find a more in-depth description in a brief tutorial I posted some time back – hope this helps :

  5. Wow, very nice!!!

  6. Great job! I remember when I built it the first time being impressed with the size and complexity of the landing gear. I saw one a while back at the Pima Air Museum and was surprised it wasn’t as big as I expected. Nice model!

  7. Looks awesome Craig!

  8. Good looking Hustler Craig. I wishI could paint with a rattle can as well as you do. Keep’em coming.

  9. Really nice job Craig. Impressive work with the spray cans too. Nice variation in colours as you say with the choice to buff or not buff. I remember building this when I was 10 or so, with my dad. Final result was NOT as good as yours, needless to say!

  10. Beautiful, your use of spray cans is inspiring. I SO wished I had bought some Tamiya rattle can white for my Albatross after 2 hours of layering Testors white on with an airbrush, but got cold feet. Seeing how well a model can be finished with a rattle can, next go ’round I may be brave enough to give it a try because of how well well you have done!

  11. Very nicely done Craig, definitely the equal of any airbrushed Finish I’ve witnessed. love the star of “dr. strangelove”, wish there was a good offering in 1:72

  12. At the last club day I was at I saw this kit for sale at £38 ,I ummmed and ahhhhed for most of the day and eventualy decided to blow the budget and went back for it but NO! ,it was gone ,hustler denied.I want one of these kits NOWWWW.
    Craig , one of your best I think, very well done,N.

  13. Beautiful bird Craig.

  14. Great job as always. I am learning to love that ‘buffable metalizer’ though I have only used one color so far. I take it this very sharp looking model is what, 1/48 scale?

  15. That’s a gorgeous Hustler! I always thought it was a pretty neat airplane and yours came out awesome! You inspire me to go out and buy one so that I can do one too!

  16. You’ve really hit the jackpot with this one, Craig, that headline picture is fantastic!

  17. Roger, there is a 1/72 Italeri B-58 I am actually working on it now. I don’t know if it is still in production, I had this kit for years.

  18. Another stellar job with those spray cans Craig – beautiful NMF. That is not an easy finish to pull off, and you did it really convincingly. I may have to give your method a shot. I like Alclad II through the airbrush, but what you did with spray cans is (again) amazing. Great work!

  19. You armed it with 4 “B43” thermo nukes, great rendition of those too, In the early 80s I was a Navy NWT and ours were painted gloss white but were the exact same. Also the center line pod was used for fuel and one nuke. This would have been a one way bomber if used. What a waste but the survival capsules would have helped the crew get out, ah not quite!! Superb job!!!

  20. That’s impressive Craig! Great finish!

  21. Craig,
    That is one beautiful job on the Hustler. One of my favorites, I once had the Monogram kit, but never built it, because of where to put it. It really is BIG, as wide as a card table! So you are another cat person. Me too. I asked Tom Cleaver how he keeps his cat(s) from models, but haven’t heard. How do you do it, off limits room, or well trained cats? Anyway, thanks for this great posting, and your photos are great. Spray cans! You may make me give them a try for natural metal. I agree with George Williams, you really did hit the jackpot with this one. Well done!

    • Actually, my two cats have the “run of the house” and their litter box is located in the ‘work room’ ( a non-negotiable location), where my modeling takes place and the majority of the kits are displayed. One of the cats, nicknamed Chub-Chub, is too fat to get up on any shelving and the other one (Pepper) HAS gotten up around the airplanes once in a while, but amazingly hasn’t broken anything (she’s very petite and graceful).
      I wish Martin would “fix” these reply boxes in order that we’re able to post pictures within the narrative. I could show you what I’m talkin’ about with the cats.

  22. Very interesting and very beautiful.

    Best regards, Vlad.

  23. Ok now everyone is going to know why the B-1 is an also ran . Just beautiful Craig , there is no other bomber as pretty as the Hustler . The Air Force triad , F-102 , F-106 and the one the only B-58 .

  24. Hi Craig, congratulations for this fine built, it is outstanding, because no
    airbrush “just” rattle cans !And some good advises, NMF tones are not
    always easy (Don t ask me, how i know 😉
    I guess, this one is realy big! Well done


    • Well….the “usual” method used by most folks is, in my opinion, the “trickiest”, i.e. Alclad, SNJ, bare metal foil, etc., thus often yielding less-than-perfect results. Although I don’t consider anything I’ve done as ‘perfect’, the rattle-can approach is certainly the ‘easiest’, and with a little practice, can achieve satisfactory finishes – at least to me. Thanks.

  25. Craig, this looks fabulous! The picture in the sun looks very good and shows off some of the more subtle variations! If you like building this model, (it does go together rather painlessly) and have another in your future, I recommend the Lone Star Models cockpit set. It’s pretty comprehensive! I’ll have to do a post with the one I built in the 90’s (with scratched rear cockpits) to show what unsealed Metalizer does over time!

    • I learned the hard way NOT to use the Model Master metalizer “sealer”…it dulls the finish you worked so hard get right. Takes the shine right away! Seal your NMF with Future or a gloss spray. Testor’s ‘sealer’ turns out FLAT. Trust me.

      • I just don’t seal them at all. The finish, like fine wine, actually gets better as it ages! You do have to be careful handling them though! A missed fingerprint is tough to remove if it’s left on for a while! (After 20 years mine has it’s fair share!)

        • If your gonna use that “buffable” metalizer, you’re gonna HAVE to seal it with something – applying tape in order to get a contrasting shade (any kinda tape), directly onto to an unsealed basecoat will result in you’re pulling off the paint in places, whether you’ve buffed it or not.

          • I’ve found that 3M blue painters tape can be used on stainless, magnesium and titanium without lifting. I just spray my aluminum last to avoid masking on it. If you check out my WIP of my Scorpion you’ll see what I’m talking about. It just took me a while to figure it out, but basically I paint my NMF planes backwards saving the dominant color (the aluminum base) for last. I’ve found that’s the color that really doesn’t like to be masked over. (Or anything else put on top of it.) What I want to know is what did you do to the Future on your model as you can’t tell it’s brushed on. (Let alone multiple times!) You definitely need to get this baby out in the sun for some more shots! (I think a sunset shot with the glow coming off the panels would look particularly attractive!)

  26. that is absolutely outstanding work…A+++++

  27. One of the all time sexiest aircraft every made. VERY nice build!

  28. Josh, you’re right about the 3M blue tape…much of that is low-tack and I’ve used that as well as the Tamiya “yellow” tape. As far as the brushed-on Future goes, I dunno what ta tell ya. I’ve always brushed it and if you’re careful and slop it on too thick, you won’t have any problems. And you CAN mask over the aluminum paint IF you Future it first. But your way works for you, so I guess it really doesn’t matter which way ya do it. Just seems like more of a PITA like that (although I’ve never tried it, so….). Thanks.

  29. I’m late to the party, but am duly impressed. Great work, Craig.

  30. I’ll definitely give it a try once, at least to add some more variations to panel tones. Future just might be what I need to replicate the Glow that EE Lightnings have from some form of residue on the skin that you can see in certain pictures. Now I gotta bust out my Hustler!

    • There’s five shades of metalizer paints, so given the option of buffing or not buffing, gives you actually ten different possibilities. AND…if you choose to decant and use an airbrush, you can mix them for an almost endless combination of tones.

  31. Craig,
    You amaze me with you mastery of the rattle can. Great job.

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