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My space

Hi, this are the places where i do/live my hobby. You can see the place where things got
colour on, my airbrush corner on my attic. Its there because of the smell from the colours and thinners. The tablecloth is the living proof, that FS,RLM,BS,RAL and so on CAN exist on a single subject !
The boxes in the back are full of my not displayed kits, some older stuff and damaged ones
mothballed. The bigger ones were stored on these shelves, a sorry look !
Open this boxes, is very much walking down the memory lane.
In the winter it is cold up there and in the middle of the summer this place is nearly too hot to handle.
My bench is overcrowded as always and there are two pics, from the display shelves in my
hobby/music room

All the Best

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19 responses to My space

  1. Cool Bernd. It seems everyones model spaces look like this. Check out the man cave section in groups. You have some big kits in your stash, better get some more shelves up 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Gregor, i have tried to post this article there and some comments
      but it did not work, so i choosed this way.
      Currently i am selling a lot of my 1/32 ( and others ) at E***. One
      reason is, they are simply too big. This scale is, i believe, simply a temporary fashion.

  2. I had similar workbench, but at now I moved it to my work. Family gets bigger. So I assembly models at home evening, and paint them at work. Just benefit from having a modeling company…

  3. A true builders paradise & I bet you know where everything is. Doesn’t have to look busy to build but it seems to help.

  4. Yes ! Never a real clean up ! NEVER !

  5. Just the way it should be…..nice and messy.
    Its amazing how little space we actually use to assemble/build the models. But we surely do use lots of space for the stuff and goodies that go into building/completing them.

  6. Looks like there’s no “sick mind” running things there. (“A neat desk is the sign of a sick mind.” 🙂 )

  7. Always interesting to see how other guys work, Bernd, nice pictures. I received your friendship request, by the way, but it doesn’t seem to work. I’ve asked Martin for help.

    • Good morning, George, the space on my desk could be larger,
      but when i do a clean up, the amount of searching something is larger than putting plastic parts together.
      It is rather strange, i have done a few comments on some themes and there was a error too, strange

  8. Say, this modeling work bench is too clean to be real…looks like a model diorama of a work bench. What scale is it??

  9. Bernd,
    No matter how small, cluttered, and paint smeared this area is, what you produce here is remarkable .

  10. Nice work area here Bernd 🙂

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