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PCM Hawker Hurricane Mk1 (Fabric Wing), No1 Sqn JX-C, France 1939…

This is the PCM 1:32 early Hurricane Mk1 in the markings of Flg/Off Paul Richey of No1 Sqn, France 1939. Finally after 18 months of mucking about with this, she’s complete! I just couldn’t get into modelling for a good while but got inspired again after reading ‘Fighter Pilot’ (Richey’s experiences of a front line pilot during the Battle of France. L1679 was Richey’s regular mount until it was destroyed on 10th May during a raid on Mezieres. After hearing how it was ‘sieved with bullets’. Richey lamented, “I can only hope she burned before the Huns could lay their rude hands on her’.

Painted with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics, all markings airbrushed. Weathered/filtered with oils and Tamiya weathering sets.

Additions: -Cockpit wiring -Fabric Sutton harness (52 peices!) -Replaced gunsite glass and added wiring -Undercarriage hydraulic lines -Scratchbuilt aluminium foot stirrup -Opened up the hand-hold below cockpit -Handles added to canopy -Linkages inside radiator

Work in Progress

20 responses to PCM Hawker Hurricane Mk1 (Fabric Wing), No1 Sqn JX-C, France 1939…

  1. Craig, (now I have finally stopped quivering)…the harness is the fabulous set by Radub Brinzan. Paper harness and brass etch and if you can hold your nerve with it, it turns into one fine mini-kit!

    Thanks all for your kind comments!!

  2. Very well done Charles.

  3. Charles,
    Your build looks to be a Proud and Proper Hurricane. I like the detail around the canopy with the hand grips, the tires have the appropriate amount of road grime, along with the clear lenses marker light on the tail. Its all in the details and they all add up to one fine looking kit.

    Congratulations on doing well done job.

  4. Very nice work, Charles….
    You used 52 pieces for a seat belt/harness ??!!!
    And you’re still able to carry on normal conversations with no medication? 🙂

  5. Wow, this is one very fine Hurricane!!!! Love every square centimeter of it!!! Awesome!!!!

  6. Simply stunning.

  7. Hmmm that model is familiar to me….one of my favorite airplanes. The fabric wing Hurri with it’s pointy nose just has IT. Yours looks great.

  8. Outstanding work Charles

  9. Perfect finish on an interesting subject!

  10. Lovely job, Charles. I also built this when it came out a few years ago. It seemed to take a surprisingly few parts to create a good-looking model.

  11. Gorgeous build! Makes me want to dig out my 1/48 classic airframes early hurricane AND pcm 1/32 mkix Spitfire! Congrats on a beautiful model.

  12. By the way-how do you put images into the text of the post?

  13. That looks really good Charles.
    Well done mate.

  14. AWWWW MAN KNOCK IT OFF!!!! 🙂 You guys have got to stop doing such beautiful builds of kits I have in my stash or I will never be able to make up my mind!!! Seriously wonderful build of my favorite Brit fighter, and it sure makes me want to move mine to the top of the heap! Love it!

  15. Beautiful looking Hurricane, Charles.

  16. Superb Hurri, and congrats on the award 🙂

  17. Thankyou all again for your encouraging comments! Mike, what award are you referring to???

  18. Charles,
    Your work and photography are excellent.

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