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B-24D Liberator

The old 1/48th Monogram kit…went together pretty well (don’t even have the wings glued in there – pretty snug fit). Had two different tail turrets, but the set of masks I used weren’t very specific as to what went where on the turrets. Canopy and glass nose were easy enough, but the two turrets were “iffy” regarding placement, so I ‘winged’ it. I tried to get a worn look on the OD by lightly sanding with a fine grit block. As you can see, she’s a “ceiling queen” (kinda big to put anywhere else), therefore, you may be able to tell she doesn’t sit on the nose when ‘parked’. I didn’t forget to put nose weight in, I just didn’t because I knew it wouldn’t matter. The left side nose art was kit-supplied, but I had some custom lettering done some time ago with my wife’s name, so I applied one of ’em to the other side. I think there were some aircraft that had two different “names” in certain instances (usually the crew chief’s choice on the right side) – don’t know if such was the case with heavy bombers, but I don’t care…mine does. 🙂

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17 responses to B-24D Liberator

  1. Nice job, Craig. i like the split-name livery, too.

  2. That’s a Sweet and Lovely build you did there Craig!
    (sorry about that). Outstanding paint and weathering.
    That is a big model. Really nice job.

    California Steve

  3. Great job there Craig, by the way what scale is she 1/48?

  4. Have always had a soft spot for “Liberators”. My father was 2nd pilot on one. Really good job on the on the tired & worn look.

  5. Craig,
    You really did a number on that great old kit. Love the weathering. Thanks!

  6. Hi Craig. She is a real gem. A true testimony to the prowess of the mighty 8th over Fortress Europe. Well done indeed!!

  7. Nice Craig! Coming in for landing. That is a nice effect on the Olive Drab.

  8. that is sweet and lovely

  9. Very nice Craig, your sandpaper weathering looks great.

  10. looks really nice Craig – love the weathering – bet that looks great suspended in flight.

  11. Great B-24, I love these old 1/48 Monogram bombers they have really stood the test of time.

  12. Lovely, Craig, I really like the ‘look’ of this one, it’s got that nice weathered appearance that lifts it from just an assembled kit into a realistic model.

  13. Still hard to beat those big classic Monogram bombers. Nicely done Craig!

  14. Craig: The other tail turret might be the former bow turret from when this was a B-24J. That was the initial issue, before they made this a glassnose.

    Some B–24s were modified in the field- the original ones having tail turrets grafted onto the front, plus there were multiple fore and aft different turrets used, depending on the modification center or theatre requirements, and availability.

    Looks good to me.

    • Come to think of it, you’re right….”Witchcraft” (the Collings Foundation bird), has the turret-type nose guns installed. If this section of the site allowed for posting pics, I’d put one in here, but if you search my other articles, you’ll find it.

  15. Craig,
    Very nicely done.

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