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Desert Rose

Beyond being historically important aircraft, Spitfires are just beautiful.
I find that their iconic design emerges best with the desert camouflage, especially with the color scheme of the Polish Fighting Team. Possibly this is because of the blue numbers giving complemantary colors with the orange tones of the camouflage.

EN315 ‘ZX-6’ was flown by the unit’s Commanding Officer, Squadron Leader Stanisław Skalski in spring and early summer 1943. Making a model of his aircraft, I sacrificed some authenticity at less important parts, as I feel, in order to capture as much as possible from the esthetics that lies in its design.

The model is the outstanding 1/32 of Tamiya, not the first one around here.
Paints are acrylics from Tamiya and Gunze and metalizers from Alclad 2.
Please see also:

I hope you like.

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20 responses to Desert Rose

  1. It looks fantastic Halvar.
    Not overly weathered and some nice pics.
    Well done mate.

  2. Beautiful build, finish, weathering and photography. What type of light is that?

  3. Beautiful work on this Halvar.

  4. Great work Halvar. The fuel leaks are a nice touch.

  5. very very beautiful

  6. Gorgeous! An immaculate build.

  7. I agree with all the above comments.

  8. Stunning, Halvar. Absolutely stunning. A sight guaranteed to quicken the pulse of any old fighter jock and amateur modeller.

  9. Jaw dropping work Halvar ! Thank you !

  10. Halvar…’re right-on….for many of us, the Spitfire is the most beautiful aircraft ever designed and built. “Beautiful” might seem strange for an instrument of war, but the graceful lines of the Spitfire bring it into beautiful. Havlar, you’ve captured its beauty with the well-done fit & finish of your model. And, I applaud your subtle weathering……perfect.

  11. Nice, clean Spit! Great work.

  12. Many thanks to all of you for your kind comments and for regarding it with so much favor.

  13. Beautiful. 🙂

  14. Mighty fine model!

  15. Oustanding, Halvar! I’m looking forward to seeing even more of your work, especially the Corsair!

  16. It is indeed a beautiful model, Halvar, really nice work.

  17. Halvar,
    Love it. It is outstanding

  18. Excellent Spitfire-Tamya association, in effect ! Nice work, especially the impressive dashboard !

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