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Grumman Hellcat 1 – No 800 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy) – 1/32

Not having seen one in real life, I hadn’t fully appreciated how big the F6F was until I built this kit and parked it alongside other WW2 fighters of the same scale.

This is from the Trumpeter 1/32 F6F-3 kit. OOB except for Eduard cockpit enhancements and ignition wiring on the R2800.

And, guys, if I ever manage to complete a model without making some stupid mistake about two yards from the finish line, or not lose a couple of small but vital parts to the carpet monster, you’ll be the first to know 😉

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

18 responses to Grumman Hellcat 1 – No 800 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy) – 1/32

  1. AWESOME!!! I hate that carpet monster.

  2. Beautiful build, sir….well done!

  3. Following your presentations, one could say this is a “classic Bricknell”.
    Fantastic model, K.J.!
    By the way: I just recently came across the (for me surprising) information that Hellcats were responsible for 4947 out of 6477 air victories operated from US carriers.

  4. Superb! I guess they had to drop the spare fuel tank before the bombs were dropped – they look like they are almost touching!!

  5. Nice build! Love the weathering

  6. Wherever alleged ‘stupid mistake’ you made is invisible to me – this Hellcat is exquisite in my opinion – thanks for sharing

  7. Always have to like a Hellcat in invasion stripes. Well Done.

  8. Great colors on your Hellcat.
    Very well done.

  9. Great job on the ‘cat. Invasion stripes especially well-done. She’s a beauty.

    “I feel your pain” on the carpet monster. Have had to do far too much fabricating of lost bits, as I’m doing at this time for a Tamiya Mig-15 bis undercarriage bit that flew away two days ago.

  10. You are right about the size of it K.J., I have one parked next to a Mustang , and it dwarfs it.
    Nice job there sir.
    Well done.

  11. Another boringly-beautiful KJB production! 🙂

    Seriously, the ability to build to a consistent high standard is the mark of real excellence. Like the way Bob Hoover did the exact same routine every time in the Shrike Commander – that’s hard!

  12. Beautiful finish on this, KJ.

  13. Nice work! I have a soft spot for British Hellcats.

  14. K.J.,
    Very, very nicely done

  15. Nice this english version ! Congratulations !

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