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LA County Sheriff Patrol Car

Well this one happened quite by accident, (no pun intended) I was at the Hobby People in Santa Clarita California talking models with the Dudes when in walked a LA County Sheriff sergeant. It was like the western movies when the sheriff walks in to the saloon.

It got real quiet then Sergeant Cohen said “Any one here know someone who could build a model for me?” Well my friend behind the counter said. “Steve here is a fairly good modeler!” I asked the Sergeant what kind of model, and he said he had a police car he wanted built, and how much I charge. He had a really nice Yodel model of a Dodge cruiser. Again he asked ‘How Much to build it”. I told him that seeing he is the person who stands between me and the bad guys “No Charge” He insisted and we settled on a couple of really cool division hats.

The model. This model comes with a electric motor, front steering, really nice rubber tires, and the decals for the LA County Sheriff. Very cool. I asked him if I could take some liberty with the build and he said “no problem” I added flashing LEDs to the roof and did not install the electric motor. The photo with the lights on was taken with a long exposure so both are lighted. I presented the car to him at the station with his buddy’s looking on.

I was/am very happy he was very pleased. It is displayed in his office on a shelf behind his desk. Was I a nervous wreck during the build YES! I did not want to mess this one up in any way. I have added the pictures of the hats. SCV stands for Santa Clarita Valley.

Enough rambling, I hope you like,

California Steve

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23 responses to LA County Sheriff Patrol Car

  1. Wow, looking great! Would like to do one of these

  2. Oh no, you have to complete more of the models you have like the very nice model T you posted.
    Thanks for the Wow. Now you will need some white paint and some black.
    Thanks again,
    California Steve

  3. Hi Steve. This takes me back to my childhood years watching William Shatner aka. TJ Hooker and a young Heather Locklear! A superb build. I like the flashing LED’s

  4. Don’t talk to me I am still checking out your 104!!
    Again I sure like your build.
    Did you mean Heather Locklear was “a superb build”?
    If so, I will have to agree! If not I will still agree! Haa Haa!
    Thanks for the nice words.
    California Steve

  5. I remember that one, Steve….and I remember the story about the hat(s) – you had a picture of them as well as I recall.

  6. Nicely done Steve. Is it 1/25th & do the lights flash in sequence. You best not say they do.

    • No they don’t. The LEDs and battery are 3.5V. I purchased them at my local Radio Shack (a electronic supply store chain in the US) and they flash independently. I did these in red, as the red and blue colors came a few years later to most Sheriff departments.
      Thanks for the nice words.

      California Steve

  7. Pretty awesome build for a “plain jane” black & white cruiser. Nice touch with the lights.

  8. Like it, very cool model!

  9. Definitely one for the ‘cool wall’ (Top Gear fans will understand this). Great story, Steve. By the way, it was me who gave Heather your number, it was the only way I could get rid of her, sorreeeeeeeee!

  10. Nice one Steve, lights and all
    Book `em Danno!!!!

  11. “One Adam 12, a 1013 in progress at 2119 Wilshire Boulevard, handle code 3”. Hey West Coast Steve, when are you going to build a neat looking 1970 Dodge Polara with Officers Reid and Malloy chasing law breakers? Great job on your build, very different.

  12. Hey..Wait!! I live at 2119 Wilshire Boulevard!!! Code3?? What is a 1013??? You are trying to get me in trouble Mike! ?? Haa! great stuff. I think it might be a while before any more black and whites.
    Thank for your nice comments
    California Steve

  13. CA Steve,
    The Sgt. has to be very happy with this. Excellent job overall and I like how you did the lights. ‘It looks to be about a 70 or 71. The 69 Polara was one of the best ever CHP vehicles. It was big and comfortable, had air condition, went like a rabbit with the 440’ and with disk brakes you could stop it .

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