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Looky what I got yesterday….plus other things….

Tamiya’s spankin’-new big ticket item, the WW one Mark IV tank. It’s motorized! Yup it comes with motors, gears, beautiful working tracks and a 5-man squad to walk alongside. There’s a lot of beautifully molded parts in this box. This thing has a lot of little wheels, but after the Char 2C I just did, piece of cake. The weather promises to suck here in the Northeast for the rest of the Labor-Day weekend, so giving me an excuse to sit inside and build. (Once the ever-present chores are done). 🙂

Also I threw in a couple of shots of the Hasegawa 1/32 N1K2 Shiden cockpit, and a primed 1/48 Kawasaki Ki-60 that’s in the paint shop. All over the place, as usual. Happy Labor Day, working slobs! (And you former ones too).

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9 responses to Looky what I got yesterday….plus other things….

  1. Sucky weather in the NE you say….? Who’d a thunk it…? Being a born & bred New Englander, I can relate. Now you understand, don’t you, that once that tank is built, you have to post a video. After all, it “moves”, right? 🙂

    • No doubt about it. “Runs” according to the box blurb (they couldn’t afford to put an “It” before “runs”?) Steps 1-4 are done, hit the first snag when the kit-provided phillips screwdriver stripped out (not exactly Snap-on ™ quality). Assembling gear and battery boxes brings back the old days of building Tamiya motorized stuff. I remember the old M-10 was a runner too.

  2. I was hoping to be the first iModeller to build this beauty so you beat me to it,I’m told the new Takom kit is better so I will wait and see but I definately want one of them,are you going for a heavily weathered finish ?
    I am fascinated by these lozenge shaped tanks and the men who served in them, I recently read a book called “The ironclads of Cambrai” ,a bit heavy going at times and overly detailed but still gives a good impression of the bravery of theTommies who took these things into battle for the first time,well worth reading.
    I have done a little group of the ancient Airfix offering which you can see in my gallery it might give you some inspiration,really looking to seeing this finished.
    Cheers N.

    • Hey there’s no race, do yours too. I’m not rushing anywhere, it’s just that once started, it just rolls along in true Tamiya fashion. (No I’m not on their payroll, just wish I was). Already on step 6, the sponsons are on her and she’s rhomboidal already. I am not interested in whether the measurements are spot on, or rivets in the wrong place,I don’t have any refs on this beast anyway. Just havin’ FUN, which this model is giving me in spades. I plan on giving it a well used Western Front look for sure, as long as it doesn’t interfere with “Runs” hehe. Got to try and find some Eduard barbed wire.
      Must break here and do the back lawn, ugh. 100% humidity here, must be like a MK. IV engine room!

  3. Congratulations on the new kit Bill. Interested to see it built. I’m sharing the same weather as you it seems. After some chores tomorrow, I may spend some time on a model as well. Happy Labour Day! (We add the extra “u” up here!)

  4. Bill,
    Just saw this in my LHS the other day but couldnt quite swing the price. But sitting right next to it was the Tacom Mark IV “Female,” it followed me home. Looks awesome in the box, going to be interesting to say the least for the tracks (920 pieces for both sides). Seems like a little WW1 love fest for some armor. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s builds.

  5. Well done, Bill, I’m sure you will make a great job of this. I see that Tamiya have just announced another 1/35 WW1 tank………..

  6. Bill,
    I am anxious to see it completed. I know you will do a masterful job on it.

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