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2014 IPMS Nats Hampton Virginia Pics – Part 3

Still random. No the P-40 in the header is not mine.This is the end of ’em folks, including some shots of the vendor room and the Embassy Suites where we stayed, what a great hotel. Sorry about some of the fuzzy fotos, I’m a piker with a camera as well as computers.

I thought that the Beatles diorama (Pic 11) was great, my pick for popular best. Kelly’s Heroes (14 and 15) too. How about all them Mustangs? The Hindenburg (49) caught my fancy, and I gotta do a T-Rex (47) sometime. Still don’t know what best in Show was though, sorry. Anybody have any questions about what is what feel free to ask me. Take care.

49 additional images. Click to enlarge.

11 responses to 2014 IPMS Nats Hampton Virginia Pics – Part 3

  1. thanks for all the photos. The Harley on the board track has got to be my favorite.
    Looking at some of your vendor room shots the lighting looks a little weak?

    • That guy had another, a Brit Para with a small portable, but I have no shot of it sorry.Yeah the lighting was sparse at best especially in some corners of the model room. I find this to be a very common problem at these shows. It’s why so many judges sport those little penlights. 🙂

  2. Great photos, I’ve stayed there before, nice hotel. Is that the tank Donald Sutherland drove in the movie “Kelly’s Heroes”- with the speaker on it?

    I loved that movie.

  3. Not sure if it relates to the time of day all the photos were taken, but the event looks to be not well attended. Is it popular, with modellers and the public? I accept that the US is huge and perhaps only regional attendance is practically an option, but all three “Parts” of the photo essay look like earlybirds only.

    • IIRC the vendor room was taken just after opening, 9:00.on Friday. The room density in the contest area did vary, but I thought it was well-attended. I heard there was 4800 entries or so. There were entries from Peru, El Salvador, Spain, Tahiti (yikes!) Louisiana, California, Michigan and other far-flung places. Truly an International hobby and organization.

  4. Thanks for Part 3 Bill. Part 4 on the way? Looks like some great entries in the show. I have an idea of the rules for how they judge, but really don’t know how they can make a decision among so many well-made models.

    • Sorry kid them’s all I got. Sooner or later somebody will publish pics of each and every entry. Check the IPMS website from time to time.
      I looked at your stuff, looks good. You are good with interiors and masking. But ya gotta have an airbrush. Spray cans are for lawn furniture. 🙂 Try entering a show sometime, competition really breeds improvement. The first and most important things are always construction basics, you can get a jump on so many by having straight props, centered engines, straight aligned wheels and gear struts, nice level stabilizers. And NO seams can be in evidence, it’s the first knockout. Do the basics and the rest will follow.

  5. That hotel lobby diorama should’ve won Best In Show!! Unbelievably realistic…

    Here is a link to every winner at the show, courtesy of IPMS Silicon Valley:

  6. Thanks for sharing! Love that Martin T4M, not something we see everyday.

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