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My little “Ad-lantic AdVentur-uh”

Hi all, here is my just completed Revell 1/48 PV-1 Ventura done in an “Atlantic” color scheme. I searched the web a lot for images of Venturas in this scheme, and am including the best image I found, a very handsome PV-1 in South Carolina in 1944,which I used for my ‘go by’. That plane has different wheels, no navigator dome and I couldn’t gets it’s numbers, “7” and “07” out of my decal collection, so I made do with “3’s”. Since I can only see one side of that plane, everything on my plane on the bottom and left side is assumed –

As others report, this kit goes together real well. A first for me on this is the use of some after-market parts, the main wheels (resin, Quick-Boost) and landing gear (metal from Scale Aircraft Conversions). Other than that I do not have a lengthy report on this, other than it was fun and I am pleased.

PS- this is a hard model to photograph. It is not real obvious in the photos but this is a tri-color scheme. The sides are darker and bluer than the bottom which is flat white.

14 additional images. Click to enlarge.

18 responses to My little “Ad-lantic AdVentur-uh”

  1. Outstanding piece of work all round! The Ventura is another one of those aircraft that is so ugly that it is actually beautiful. I doubt that you really needed to use aftermarket parts on her but congratulations on losing your virginity anyway!

  2. Thanks Seamus – you are right about the parts. The wheels are an improvement but the kit struts were fine. As for ‘so ugly it’s beautiful’, I conclude it’s designers were inspired by the shape of a humpback whale. Even its wings remind me of those long pectoral fins on a humpback whale.
    If you could hold this model in your hands and look at it from all angles, I think you’d agree.

  3. Looks great Ralph, nice see some other birds.
    Fine work on her mate.
    Well done Ralph.

  4. Came out great, Ralph…..nice job.

  5. Congrats Ralph!!! She is a real stunning bird. I like the Atlantic scheme!!!

  6. Ralph:
    Good to see one in something other than tricolor.
    This kit is a real bargain, considering what some of the asiatic stuff is going for. Provided you have the room, of course.
    The recent issue British one has the glass nose, so cross kitting is also possible. It also has the Boulton-Paul “birdcage” turret, like on the Hudson.
    Nice, clean job on her, really looks good.

  7. Good work here Ralph. I see some nice engine detailing hiding in there.

  8. Great job Ralph. She’s definitely got looks that only a mother could love, but I’d sure hate to have her mad at me.

  9. Thanks everyone! I guess I never realized folks thought this plane is unattractive…maybe because it was developed from an airliner, it doesn’t have a menacing, aggressive look like a plane designed as a bomber or fighter. I think it looks nice, but also like a flying whale. I considered painting a whale on it with a clever name like “Willie The White Whale” on it but no way am I that good.

  10. Nice work there Ralph. That Atlantic scheme does look better than the tri-color. Good choice on your part.

  11. Congratulations on the build Ralph. It’s great you could find the photo of the original and nice work matching the finish on the model. The Atlantic tricolor is hard to see, but slide 14, I think, shows it more clearly on the nose. The one feature I noticed was the bifolding bomb bay doors. Is that because of the wide fuselage? Too wide just to open in halves it seems. Makes more room for the bombs I suppose.

    • I think you can see the difference in the side and bottom colors in image 11 too. The sides are Valspar “Azure Snow” and the bottom including the sides of the engines, wrapping onto the top of the in front, are Valspar flat white, both rattle cans, with built in primer, from local home improvement big box store. They spray and finish real well. Being a non-airbrusher and with limited hobby store selections, I seek sources of color wherever I can find them. The gray on top is Model Master “Light Sea Gray”
      The bi-fold doors were a bit tricky. A poster here back in May I think, Josh Patterson I think, noted it would be best to not follow the kit instructions but assemble the two halves of each door first, then mount them on the plane. I heeded that advice and they went together fairly well. Josh, if you read this, thanks!

  12. Hi Ralph, your Ventura looks great. The Atlantic scheme is not often seen
    on PV-1 models.

  13. Nice clean build and finish, Ralph, you must be very pleased with this one.

  14. Ralph,
    Very, very, nicely done. It looks great

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