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RAF Fuel Truck 1/35 scale Almost scratch built.

This was not a easy build, but I had to do it. Here is the list.

I started with a quad tractor. Cut off the back and capped it.
Scratched the chassis and added dual wheels to the rear.
Tank was made of evergreen plastic with a lot of Micro Mark rivet decals and a few scribes of my own.
Fill hatch on top and a generic boom assembly.
I stole (acquired) the hose spools from a German 88mm cannon.
The black reel is for the static electricity ground.
Rear bucket stolen (acquired) from the mess hall.
Somehow it all came together to what you see here.

The photos were taken outside my factory diorama. You will probably see this again, a lot of manufacturing goes on here.
Painted in the early RAF colors. A few years later she was repainted in the famous
Mickey Mouse camo.
This is a single boom. Later models were fitted with dual.

This build took about four months on and off but was a fun one.
I hope you enjoy!
California Steve

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

16 responses to RAF Fuel Truck 1/35 scale Almost scratch built.

  1. It looks like it WAS a “fun build”…but what’s a Mickey Mouse camo….?

  2. It was the dark green with black circles. Google this one Craig. It’s pretty cool,

    California Steve

  3. Also looks ready to roll. To say I’m impressed is an understatement.
    I see you put it down as 1/32nd scale. What kit did you start with?

  4. Whoops! 1/35 scale Tamiya. I corrected the heading.
    Thanks for the nice comments Al.

    California Steve

  5. I love the last picture especially.

  6. Very nice, indeed, Steve, it shows a lot of skill and imagination. I guess the Quad tractor kit is open to a lot of possible conversions, an ambulance would be nice.

    • Don’t get me going George. I have had a couple ideas though. One, the checkerboard mobile conning tower truck with a B-17 glass nose attached to the roof for the air director. And second a bus from India. These trucks were converted to medium size buses because of the very good brakes they came with.
      Thanks very much
      California Steve

  7. Great job Steve and nice attention to detail. I’ve never seen one of these before, what did you use for reference?

  8. Nice touch here, Steve, and great attention to detail. Photo 7 looks like it’s a scene from Gulliver’s Travels.

  9. Thanks Rob, I am glad you liked my project.

    California Steve

  10. Like it Steve, the background goes well with the truck.
    Have you got a plane to fit into this dio?
    Or is a project in progress?

    • Thank you Simon, I do a lot of dioramas and this particular generic hanger building I have used for many different photo sessions. The lights over the hanger doors are LEDs and I have taken some night shots as well. This is all scratch built with evergreen products and a few other interesting bits.
      Have a great weekend!
      California Steve

  11. Hi Steve, Very nice model & the background looks great. Have you built a Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire to keep it company?

  12. CA Steve,
    Outstanding. I like it.

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