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Revell 1/32nd Bell X-1

Another build from “yesteryear” rescued from the ceiling and the dust monster. This would have been an easy build and wouldn’t have taken many man-hours, I’m sure. The [seated] pilot figure was/is one of the best I’ve seen, as most pilot figures go. Since it was to be virtually invisible in the cockpit, I used it in another aircraft. The paint is Model Master “competition orange” straight from the spray can (naturally). The canopy framing is decal strips. Were I to build another, and if available, I’d probably opt for a set of masks (they’re soooo much neater).

You’ll notice that the name on the nose is “Glamorous Glen” and not “Glamorous Glennis”. I can’t explain that, but as I said, I built this some time ago.

I think the kit pre-dates the “copyright infringement” bru-ha-ha instigated by the Yeager family (more so from his ‘gold-digging’ wife, from what I understand), so I’m at a loss to explain why the kit’s decals were such. I’m positive if the decals were in the “original” Glamorous Glennis font, I’d have most assuredly used them. The “Bell Aircraft” logo is also missing from the left side nose. I can only assume that what’s on this build is all I had to work with. I certainly wouldn’t have changed them on my own. There also appears to be some question as to the appearance of the national insignia. Many depict the red stripe in the bars and some do not. Go figure.

I’ve included a pic of the ‘real’ X-1 from the Smithsonian as well as the black & white pic from the time period in question. Also pictured is the Bell logo of which I spoke.

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7 responses to Revell 1/32nd Bell X-1

  1. Very cool, Craig. I have always been fascinated by this aircraft.
    Very nice job you have done with this.
    California Steve

  2. Craig,
    Fantastic job on the X-1. That aircraft is sure one of a kind. Didn’t know (or don’t remember) the controversy about Yeager and the markings on the Revell kit. Even back then, some folks were kind of weird with what famous thing they had done. Many thanks!

  3. Been busy with the duster Craig.
    Yet another lovely build from your collection.
    Well built and finished as per norm.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nice clean build of a great subject, Craig.

  5. Do you dust one a day, Craig? This one’s as cool as can be, I love that orange.

  6. Craig, Beautiful model of a beautiful airplane.

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