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The Ghost of Gasoline Alley

August 21, 2014 · in Automotive · · 21 · 1.3K

Here is one you might have seen around in different publications. I am still kinda proud of this one. Old kit. I paid bucks for this kit, then they re-released it a few months later. Oh well. Photographed by my son Sean on a diorama that I have used for various subjects because it is so generic.

I hope you like,

California Steve

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  1. Good-lookin' model, Steve...what happened - ya run outta film? LOL 🙂

    • Thanks Craig, this one was set up for this pic. but I just added another one for S&G. Hey, how long have we been exchanging posts and comments? Here is one more tagged on.

      California Steve

  2. Looks great. Being from Indy this is right up my "Alley"

    • Well said Al, This is a fun one to build even if you have other interests. It does come with a driver and steering, and a nice little Offy engine. The color options are endless. I even saw a roadster at El Mirage dry lake bed in California
      going for a land speed record! This one had a full roll cage and some very expensive Goodyear tires, and very tall gears.
      Thanks for the nice comment.
      California Steve

  3. that's that the indy 500 racer ...i thought it had a small windshield...where did you get those beautiful flying A decals...the color is extraordinary...the ghost is a nice touch too...really beautiful

  4. Thank you very much Bob. In order of your questions.

    They did have a Lexan windshield. The model comes with a piece of flat plastic that I just couldn't stick. Even with all the expensive and inexpensive glues. I was thinking of tacking in a busted windscreen but just left it as is.

    The Flying A decals are from a HO railroad set for a gas station and worked very well for this project.

    The color is Tamiya rattle can metallic blue with four coats of Klear floor wax. Are you ready for this! brush painted!

    The Ghost?... What Ghost?

    Thank you so much for your nice comments

    California Steve

  5. Great model Steve, makes me wanna build an auto.

    • It is a fun break from what we usually do. I found myself researching the prototypes of these race cars just as intently as I do military models. It was a hoot!
      California Steve

  6. Nice one Steve. Really great concept, around any thing or place that humans have deeply invested themselves, if the light's just right, and you try, you can just catch a glimpse...

  7. Beautiful. Did you polish out the brush-painted Future? That's an amazing finish. Personally I'd like to see the second pic as a regular image rather than a negative.

    • No mike. I brush painted a coat of Future, Taking up any drips underneath with a paper towel. Let it dry. Checked for any dust, then added two more coats in this order.
      I will tag on the second pic. Now the focus might be a little rough.

      California Steve

  8. Nice Steve, a great gloss finish.
    You can smell the oil from here.
    Well done mate.

  9. Some "old" kits are timeless, they look as good as the day they were first issued. Nice work.

  10. Definitely a handsome old racer, Steve, and the car's pretty good, too!

  11. CA Steve,
    What can I add except that this is masterful.

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