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1/48 f-106a

I noticed that the new Trumpeter F-106 is a hot discussion topic across the modeling internet forums this past week. With that comes inevitable comparisons to the 1985 vintage Monogram kit. I thought I would share my Monogram kit that I built about 12 years ago. I finished it with Humbrol enamels and I think the decals were from Experts Choice. This is the second Monogram 106 that I’ve completed, the first was way back when it was released. This one actually fit together pretty well, unlike my memories of the first one. It had minimally warped parts, which is a constant problem with these old Monogram kits. They popped them out of the molds too quickly from what I understand. The detail is great, especially in the cockpit and the closed weapons bay doors fit very well. I wanted to finish it closed up to show off the planes great lines. One of the fun things about the F-106 is that you can give it a glossy automotive-like finish and be accurate. The ANG birds were literally babied and given the utmost care during their careers. I had the pleasure to see 106s from the Mich. and Cal. ANG back in the day and was stunned at how immaculate they were. Anyways, this is still a nice kit!

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  1. The Michigan six-pack!

    Yep, Experts Choice decals, they did a whole series on their states ANG aircraft.

    Just a beauty, though I’ll bet closing the weapons bay was not easy.

    Good job!

    • Thanks Bernard. The weapons bay doors actually fit really well. The rear fuselage join is a tight fit around the engine on this kit. The other big issue with Monogram 106s is that most have some degree of warp in those big wings. This one was pretty straight with only a slight twist in the port wing that was easily fixed.

  2. I closed the weapons bay on MY Monogram kit with little or no problem(s) as I recall. I’ve built two of them and I doubt the “new” Trumpeter kit will be a “revelation” in kit design. I’ll take the ‘old’ Monogram kits any day!
    I love the finish on yours, though….nice job.

  3. Well done John. To me the ‘106 is the most “elegant” of the Century Series fighters, and you’ve done her proud.

  4. Amazing build John. The sexy 6 is my all time favourite century series aircraft. Beautiful finish!

  5. .

    I have actually seen F-106s from a close point of view when this fighter was in operation, and you’re right, John, no weathering is the word ! …


  6. Clean as a whistle John.
    A lovely build.
    Well done sir.

  7. One of my favorite Century fighters, beautiful build.

    There were two -106’s parked along Boeing Dr at the big airport the last time I was home. I think the guy that owns them was wanting to restore one to flying condition.

  8. John,
    This is a gorgeous example of a fine Monogram kit. This is outstanding. One of our Military Mafia members has flown these and has nothing but praise for it. He is retired USAF Col. Robert Stirm. Google him. He would have praise of what you have done here.

  9. I know in scale the gloss finishes are said to make a model look toy-like, but sometimes, as in this case, the gloss adds something to the look of the build, I think. Nice job.

  10. Beautiful model of the 106!!!
    When im youth myself up and Monogram48 and 1/72 Hasegawa now waiting for a new. Possible / Meng / 1/72 scale.??*

    Trumpeter already after the first aspect of content as it burned again full of errors and unrealistic dimensions and details … prefer to wait for another new model of the 106th


  11. It seems that you can’t beat these old Monogram kits, this one looks great, you’ve given it a very clean finish which sets it off beautifully.

  12. John, Beautiful looking 106 indeed. I really like the finish you gave your Delta…Clean, Fast and Deadly!

  13. Great build John. Man I miss watching the F-106s in the pattern when they were based w/the 318th FS out of McChord AFB. Might have to break out my 318th decals and finally build one of my classic Monogram kits in the stash. Again, nice clean build.

  14. The 106 never got the ‘credit’ it was due, it was an outstanding interceptor, and was surprizingly agile, and could maintain a very high ‘angle of attack’. Late in it’s life, some got a podded vulcan 20mm in the weapons bay.

  15. A nice and clean Delta Dart ! Those Monogram kits are timeless classics.
    A good inspiration to start my F-102 !
    BTW, whats wrong with the new Trumpy kit ??

    • Thanks Bernd! It sounds like nothing is really wrong with Trumpeter kit. Those who have it say that the shapes, dimensions, and fit are good. The negative comments relate to it not being much better detailed then the Monogram kit. I for one look forward to the two seat “B” model. Monogram should’ve done that one way back when.

  16. Hi John, good to hear about the Trumpy Kit and i hope for a “B” as well.
    Trumpeter does a lot of the more “exotic” types.
    About the details, it is the living prove how good these Century kits from
    Monogram were.Timeless kits.

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