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1/48th A-7E Corsair II (edited)

This is the rather awful Revell (old Aurora) kit disguised as a Corsair II. It takes it’s [rightful] place among other Navy jets of the era (I didn’t have one of these). The fit wasn’t all THAT bad, but the details…wait – the lack of details – was/is noticeably apparent. I don’t know WHY they did it, but the half-moon attachment point for the nose wheel was molded in such a way that the strut was angled (?). Minor surgery would have been necessary to have the nose wheel pointed “straight” and the kit just wasn’t worth the effort. BUT, no nose weight was needed. Let me also apologize for the sub-par photography – given the poor quality of the kit, admittedly, about as much care was taken when doin’ the pics. 🙁

I tried to “prettify” it as best I could with a plethora of decals in a somewhat generic rendition. The fuel tanks were in the kit (as were all the pylons), but the bombs, like most of the decals, are from the spares box. I’m once again ‘kit-less’ – but this time I’m holdin’ out for a Tamiya kit…no more hit-and-miss with what Hobby Lobby offers.

15 additional images. Click to enlarge.

29 responses to 1/48th A-7E Corsair II (edited)

  1. Nice addition to your collection Craig. Which Tamiya kit are you holding out for?

  2. Practically anything at this point…..but I’ll definitely acquire the second Corsair release in 32nd scale (whenever THAT is).

  3. Looks like a SLUF to me, nice work

  4. Wow Craig, I think you did a really fine job on this basic kit. You sure have her loaded out. That’s some serious junk in the trunk.
    I like this very much.
    California Steve

  5. Craig, I always enjoy your creative use of decals to make an eye catching model. I think your best bet for a “modern tool” aircraft kit at Hobby Lobby will be an Academy kit, I can’t remember the last time I saw a Tamiya aircraft kit at HL.

    • No…..HL doesn’t/won’t carry anything high-dollar from Tamiya. The only Tamiya stuff I’ve ever seen were a few pieces of armor and figures, etc.
      I wasn’t implying getting a Tamiya kit from HL….jus’ sayin’ I was gonna go with something “better” next time. I HAVE gotten (and built) Academy’s Sea King, though….and that DID come from Hobby Lobby. Thanks, Rick.

  6. Looks pretty good to me Craig. My better half would be thrilled if I had your running out of kits to build problem.

  7. Well, Craig, as we all knew you would, you’ve done a great job with this ‘old’ kit, and the ‘moody’ lighting in your photographs show it off a treat. Looking at the Tamiya website I think you’ve got a bit of a wait until the next Corsair is available, surely you will build something else in the meantime?

  8. Craig she might be old and a real beast to wrestle with but you did a stellar job in building a good representation of the old SLUF. CONGRATS!!!

  9. Hi Craig, well done ! I guess most of these old kits will be ending at the bottom of someone s else stash or in these ” project boxes” to put it gently.
    So double thumbs up.
    Your row of aircraft is impressive !
    I wish you lots of fun on the next upcomingTamiyagawa kit 🙂

  10. cool piece of history from a by gone era that will never come again…well done

  11. Nice clean build, very nice finish and appearence.

  12. I like the ‘swing’ of the nose wheel. It gives it a dynamic look, and of course the ordinance gives it a down ‘n dirty attitude.

    • I know the nose wheel can be actuated separate of the rudder on many aircraft (the C-130, for example as well as the ‘newer’ jets), but I don’t know about the workings of the nose wheel steering in the A-7. But usually, if the nose wheel is skewed one way or the other, the rudder deflection is usually the same. At any rate, I built it “as is”, without a lot of ‘tweaking’. Thanks, guys.

  13. Short and sweet Craig, Like the look.
    Well done Craig.

  14. Nice work Craig. Looks like an early A-7 to me!

  15. Well, it certainly isn’t on a par with say…the Hasegawa offering, and if one could do a ‘walk-around’ (i.e. a “closer inspection”), I suspect one might not be so inclined to pile on the praise – BUT, I very much appreciate you all taking the time to type a reply and it DID fill a void of sorts, both on the bench and on the shelf, and all for a paltry $19.00.

  16. You do like a challenge Craig! and you took on that challenge successfully sir! What a great job on something I would be afraid to tackle. Well done.

  17. Craig,
    You have a definite talent to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. Looks good to me.

  18. Can’t complain about lack of details, Craig, Don’t forget, when this kit came out, the A-7 was still a secret weapon….lol Nice work !

  19. The reason you couldn’t get the nose gear straight is you have it in backwards. The wheels should be aft of the nose gear strut (look at a few images of A-7s from the side). Looks like you confused the catapult towbar and the drag link.
    Easy fix would be to break off the nose gear and drill holes the width of paper clip in the mounting point and the strut. Superglue or epoxy the strut back in place woth a length of paper clip and you’re good to go.

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