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1/48th Monogram SNJ-4 In The Markings Of MAG-11

September 18, 2014 · in Aviation · · 33 · 2.5K

Although the 1/48th SNJ / T-6 kit has been around for several decades, it's still a fine kit to work with. I built this model several years ago in the markings of Marine Air Group (MAG) Eleven. I've included a photo of the plane I modeled. That Texan was used a s a squadron hack for observation flights and other utility duties. It was photographed over Espiritu Santo in October 1943. The model was an OOB build with the exception of Squadron's weighted wheels (trimmed down a bit) and decals from ye ole decal stash box. The model went together smoothly with no major issues and was airbrushed with Model Master enamel paints in the blue/gray over gray paint scheme. For a fun build, I highly recommend that kit.

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  1. Looks great Jim, at first glance I thought it was a Dauntless in those colours.

    • Hello Alan and Gregor...I have to admit that at first glance when I saw the photo, I thought the same thing but quickly realized that it was a Texan. That paint scheme and those markings grabbed me hard and I knew I had to model it.

  2. I thought the same, Gregor. Nice job matching the photo withe the decals you had on hand, Jim.

  3. Great build and finish Jim. Love the scheme on this one! The South African Air Force used the Texan ( Harvard in SAAF service) as a trainer up until 1993.After 50 years of sterling service they were retired.

  4. Make it 3 for the SBD. 🙂 Well done Jim you really captured your subject.
    That profile shot of the actual aircraft looks so much like a Dauntless, it makes me wonder if North American had a spy at Douglas, well not

  5. Nice little build, Jim...I had to do a 'double-take' when I first looked at the pics. That [yellow] shadow sorta looked like it was part of the paint scheme for a second. Strange effect ...don't think I've seen that before.

    Coincidentally, I've been whining for a 32nd Texan for years, but the kit that's out there now is somewhat of a dog as I understand it. I'm not so concerned about the 'accuracy' as I am about how everything fits (and I hear it doesn't). I like your T-6 (or whatever nomenclature the Marines gave it)...good job.

    • Thanks Craig. I haven't seen the 1/32nd Texan kit yet but like yourself, I've read some negative comments about it. I look forward to seeing your next build.

      • Don't get your "hopes" next build is that 48th Matchbox/Revell AD-5/A1-E. It's pretty close to bein' done, but I don't like it one bit. But I'll finish it this week and even post it. 🙁

  6. Jim, these 'greenhouse' canopies always make for a good looking model. Nice build.

    • Hello Rob...Thank you and I agree about the 'greenhouse' effect and since I couldn't find a pre-cut mask for it, I had to do it the old fashioned with a sharp #11 and some tape. Tedious for sure but it worked out OK.

  7. Looks good Jim, greenhouse canopies may be a pain but painted carefully they great.
    Nice work Jim.

  8. another great build jim

  9. The Monogram kit is definitely the most accurate T-6 out there. The raised panel detail and the raised rivet detail is accurate and in-scale (which shows that other manufacturers could do petite raised rivet and lapped panel detail if they wanted to). Get the Falcon/Squadron vac canopy so you can open it up and it's perfect.

    Nice model.

    • Hello Tom...What a shame that Monogram failed to continue the outstanding lead they once had over the modeling industry. We can only imagine what they would have been capable of had they not pulled in their horns.

  10. Very nice, Jim. It's one of those models you'll find yourself building over and over again. It's a fine kit, and so many choices of warbird color schemes. I know you enjoyed it !

    • Hello Joe, thanks for your comments and I did indeed enjoy that build. A very uncomplicated kit with great potential. Other than the C-47, I can think of few other aircraft types so widely used by so many different countries.

  11. Very well done Jim. Nice to see this specific aircraft modeled.
    Thanks for the pure enjoyment.
    California Steve

    • Thanks Steve. The photo of the real plane was what motivated me to model it. I had never seen a photo of an SNJ out in the South Pacific during WWII. But once I saw it, I just had to build a Texan in those markings. Most of my modeling now comes from photos that just reach out and grab me.

  12. Great Texan Jim,a verynice one, as Tom said, no one need a T-6 with engraved panel lines.
    For me, i can t hardly walk away from a Monogram offering.

  13. An interesting scheme navy NICE!.
    I'm interested in it and I am looking for information and pictures of the
    Texan of Tuskegee Airmen, trainers .
    The osprey book profile and image but does not see much of markings

  14. I'm a little late in looking Jim but this is a fine example of a SNJ with a with a very smooth finish color wise. Nice work on masking that canopy too.

    • Hello Al...Thanks for your kind comments. That canopy was a bit tedious to do without having a pre-cut mask. Thank goodness I have a mask for the TBF Avenger which has even more glass and frame area.

  15. Jim,
    This is beautiful. I have never met a T-6/SNJ that I did not like. I love your choice of scheme. I agree this is a great kit and I should dig one out again and do one. I still have four kits maybe five but I can't find one. My stash is a stash, not a stash être. Excellent it love it.

  16. Very nice colour scheme on this, Jim, your finish, especially the canopy, really sets this one off very well.

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