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Alaskan Beaver Excursion

As some of you may recall, I posted a series of “bucket list” adventures, including a hot air balloon ride and an open cockpit bi-plane flight, among others.
I recently discovered another one that I neglected to add.
When we planned a trip to Alaska, at the top of [my] list was a flight in a float plane, since I hadn’t done it before. And I knew when in THAT state, you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting an airplane with floats on it. lol
We took about a 45 minute flight from Ketchikan to some remote inlet and set down. We could get out of the aircraft, but not venture onto any land – no boat, no dock, no BODY!
I was pleasantly surprised, however, to learn that our pilot was former Navy AND an an A-6 Intruder driver. I felt better already.
I hope you’ll enjoy looking at my pics as much as I did takin’ ’em. As always, I thank you for your indulgence.

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23 responses to Alaskan Beaver Excursion

  1. Craig! What great photos! That must have been a real kick. Looks like the aircraft has some nice glass navigation.
    Thanks for posting these great pictures of your adventure. Really nice.
    California Steve

  2. Looks like some beautiful country up there. How did you get there in the first place. Air line or cruise or both?
    BTW, I have a 1/72nd turbo conversion for the Otter. I was going to put it on wheels but after seeing your photos I might have to go with floats & put it on a stand.

  3. Hi Al…we flew from Orlando to Seattle and then a cruise ship (14 days) up/down the “inner passage” back to Seattle/Orlando. The flight in the Beaver was only ONE of the things we did/places we went. Never did see the aurora (of course it was light until like 9:30 at “night”). 🙁

  4. Brilliant post, Craig, and great photographs. What’s next?

    • I guess one of those kits I just got at Hobby Lobby…..either the A-7 Corsair II or that AD-5 Skyraider. Haven’t decided.

      And if you meant “what’s next” on the ‘trip docket’, it’ll either be New England to see mom or Tucson to see the boy (haven’t decided which one of those’ll be first, either).

      And thank you for the compliment(s).

  5. Beautiful pictures from a great trip !

  6. What a wonderful trip Craig. Great photos too! Thanks for sharing them.

  7. Awesome pics of a truly spectacular experience!

  8. Very cool, fun planes to ride in aren’t they? My wife and I took a Kenmore Air beaver from Seattle to Orcas Island and back for our 25th wedding anniversary, it was a real treat! Glad you got to do this!

  9. That s wonderful Craig
    Awesome experience & pictures.
    Wish I was there:)

  10. Hey Craig ,Nice Beaver…..

  11. Come on Neil…. I was going to say that, but anyhow Craig, some great pics and for you some good memories, Thanks for sharing with us mate.

  12. Craig,
    What a thrill. I am envious. Great photos I enjoyed looking at them.

  13. Alaska and taking a ride in a float plane, what’s not to like. Do the skeeters still check your blood type before they dine?? 😉

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