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Cutting Edge Figure for a Cutting Edge Soldier

September 8, 2014 · in Figures · · 13 · 1.8K

US Infantry in Afghanistan, 2013. This was a unique and very enjoyable project. Easily the most complex single-figure kit I ever attempted—50+ finely detailed exquisitely molded pieces. Nearly every piece of equipment and was individually molded or an assembly—5 pieces for the helmet and 6 for the M4 carbine with M320 Grenade Launcher.

The most difficult aspect was removing individual pieces from the resin blocks. Some, such as the radio antenna were so fine that removing them without breaking was nearly impossible, but well worth the effort. Besides that, there were no mold line to cleanup. Live-Resin “utilize modern advanced 3D modelling and rapid prototyping last generation technology.” Besides producing exceptionally fine detail, all pieces fit nearly perfectly and little if any filling sanding was required. Besides this, next greatest challenge was creating the complex camouflage colors and patterns.

Given the high parts count, including many tiny fragile pieces, and the painting and assembly planning required, this is not a kit for a figure novice. But if you have at least a few figures in this scale, this will be a great new experience.

This kit also highlights the complex technology-laden capabilities of the modern infantry. A soldier fully outfitted as depicted in this figure would possess prenominal capabilities in regards to firepower, vision, survivability, and communication.

The kit's description includes a full equipment list that alludes to this: helmet with NVG PVS 14, ESS Profile goggles, M9 pistol in Eagle Molle Universal Holster UH-92F-MS, M4 carbine with M320 Grenade Launcher Module (GLM) with electronic targeting system, Aimpoint Comp M4 Red Dot Sight M68 Cco (Red Dot Sight NV Compatible), Insight Technology's AN/PEQ-16, Grip Pod Vertical Grip Bipod With Reinforced Legs, AN/PRC-148 Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio with cover, Thales 25 Palm Speaker Microphone, Massif flame-resistant Army combat shirt, Army Flame Resistant Pants IOTV Gen 2 body armor with Deltoid Auxillary Protective shoulder pads, Oakley Factory Pilot SI Assault Gloves, Oakley Sabot High Assault Boots., Military Issue Hydramax Water Hydration Unit System, Military Surplus Tactical Knee & Elbow Pads, CONDOR 5.56 mm MOLLE Rifle Magazine Pouches, CONDOR MA64 MOLLE PAL Side Kick Elastic Keeper Tool Pouch, 40 mm grenade 12rd bandolier/belt, TMC Spartan Grenade Pouches

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  1. Wow...excellent job! I'd have never guessed it was [only] 1/35th scale.

  2. Incredible, like Craig, I would never have guessed it's 1/35 scale.

  3. I thought Live Resin was a brand on their own - didn't know they were part of Cutting Edge (or have I misunderstood the Headline?). Anyway, this is the first of the LR figures I've seen painted up - well done.

  4. Absolutely magnificent!

  5. Brilliant ! It is a challenge to create live like figures.

  6. We probably looking at the next evolution of modeling here once they get the cost under control. I've seen some of the products done by Click 2 Detail & the capabilities of the process seem limited only by a person's imagination.
    Your finish on this is exceptional Dennis.
    Well done.

  7. Amazing on such a small scale! I've never attempted to put a figure in any of my vehicles in fear that they might turn out a bit cartoon like. This little fella is spot on though!

  8. Everything about your figure is flawless, including the groundwork. great job!

  9. That is really excellent Dennis, so much so that it makes me want to try a figure. I like the way you've blended the figure into the base, looks very natural.

  10. Fantastic Dennis, we do not see many figures on here sadly, yours is a reason why there should be more posted.
    Fine skills there .
    Well done sir.

  11. Great modeling Dennis. This guy is really packing some heat!
    California Steve

  12. Dennis,
    The previous comments leave Me little to add except, absolutely FANTASTIC

  13. Great job Dennis, very well done. An Infantryman's kit as sure evolved from the steel pot, flak jacket and canvas LBE the well dressed infantry wore in my day.

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